Everything in one.

It's finally holiday and also the end of year so there are many many things going on. I'm sorry I couldn't find enough time to update this space.

I'm going to sum up what happened recently in one post because... I don't know, just because.

I did my hair!!!
Changed a new hair colour which I LOVE so so so much.

In case you haven't already know, my new hair stylist is Takuya. He did a great job in my new hair colour! It's called honey beige. I have some bleached highlights inside and it's now in some honey ash tone.
I've always wanted a light brown hair colour with slight ash tone so this is the perfect hair colour for me!

Thankful to have CLEO Hair & Make for the beautiful hair. Thank you Samantha, the jiejie behind everything~

Also, few days after I do my hair, CLEO had a event or gathering. :)
It was a makeover event and the 5 different stylists will style 5 different models' hair and the judges will judge and give scores accordingly haha.

Judges!!! Joey, Ben, Rachell, Me, Randy and Qiuqiu who was busy snapping pictures of the models hahaha.

My favourite food of the day has to be THIS HAHAHA.

Bbylove and I :)

With Takuya!

Few days ago, I got to meet LEE MIN HO thanks to Innisfree! Not really MEET, more like looking at him from afar but that's enough, I guess! Lucky enough! ^_^

He's really really good looking!!!

I really like Lee Min Ho because of his appearance in BOF hahaha so I got kind of excited to see him! Just finished watching The Heirs few days back and HE IS AS CHARMING AS ALWAYS *faints*. HAHA.

My favourite picture of him at the gallery was this.


Eye contact, I died. *_*

That's all for this post~

Anyway, Happy Holidays!!!
Went to see Christmas Lights in Orchard the other day with my friends and they were stunning. :)

Merry Christmas, happy holidays~ ******* Snow flakes lol.

*****Thanks for reading!*****

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  1. HEY why you dont open a personal domain like Rachel's Rachelltan.com