Makeup Starter Kit

So many of you have been asking me questions regarding MAKEUP!

I LOVE makeup, I think it's the best creation on earth to help regain a bit of our confidence by making us prettier in the quickest way.

I think it's silly for people to think makeup is something we use to cover our true self. To me, makeup is something we can use to enhance our natural beauty.
Of course, it's definitely best without any makeup so we can embrace our natural face, however, if we can look better and feel better than how we already are with the help of makeup, why not?

I think makeup does a brilliant job in making us feel better by improving our outer beauty.

Anyway, back to the point, many of you want to start using makeup but have no idea how to, so here's a quick guide to your very own makeup starter kit.

Some of you find it tough to start on makeup because cosmetics can be a tad bit too expensive for you to afford or you have no idea which cosmetics you need and what you don't need if you're just a beginner.

So...what do you really need in your makeup bag?

I've cut down some products so you don't have to spend too much on too many cosmetics.

Too many cosmetics can complicate the whole makeup process if you're a starter. At the same time, you can save some cash if you cut down the amount of cosmetics you own!

Here are some essentials that I think beginners will need in their makeup bag!

First up, face product!
To me, face product is really important in a makeup routine's your face HAHA, that's what people see as a whole!

For face products, I think it will be good if you can invest more on better products. These face products can usually last you for quite some time and you won't want your skin to break out and grow horrible pimples!!! So...opt for a better face product!

Some of the face products I've used that are relatively affordable and good in quality.

On the right, we have BB creams. On the left, we have CC creams!

1) VICHY mineral BB cream - About $39.90
2) Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream - About $25
3) Etude House Glow CC cream - About $20
4) The Face Shop Aura CC cream - About $50

What's the difference?
BB cream has coverage while CC cream doesn't. CC cream brightens your face as a whole but does not cover up your blemishes.
If you don't need much coverage, you can opt for CC cream to just brighten up your whole complexion. If you have some redness around your nose or on your face, choose BB cream!

I don't really fancy liquid foundation because I don't need that much of a heavy coverage on my face and I don't think that is something that starters will use because BB/CC cream are easier to use!
Just spread it on your face using your fingers~

Next, tints!

I think tints are the most convenient thing! You can replace BLUSHER + LIP STICK with just a tint. :)
Aaaaand that means lesser products / lesser money spent / lesser complications.

Some tints I like!

1) Fresh Cherry Tint from Etude House
2) L'oreal dazzling shine lip tint
3) Posie Tint from Benefit

The cheaper options are 1 and 2!

Tints are really long lasting compared to normal blushers and lip sticks since they stain on your skin!

Another product that you'll need in your makeup bag is...


Of course, with mascara, you'll need an eyelash curler.

1) Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara from Maybelline
2) Rocket Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline
3) Shu Uemura eyelash curler

I highly recommend you to use 1 because of the head of this mascara!
It's really easy for beginners to use since the head is small and it can reach your 'hard to reach' eyelashes and your lower eyelashes without smudges!

You won't need an expensive eyelash curler but I think it's important to own an eyelash curler, at least, because curling your eyelashes helps to open up your eyes, making you look a lot more awake.
On days I don't feel like putting any makeup, I'll curl my eyelashes and apply mascara to look more awake.

Next, eyebrow pencil!

You NEED an eyebrow pencil because...I don't think I can go anywhere without eyebrows haha.

To me, I can leave without any makeup, but NEVER without any groomed eyebrows.

Eyebrows help to frame our face shape + eyes!

Different brow shapes can affect how we look as a whole haha. It's crazy how much these slight differences can change up our look.

The eyebrow pencil shown in the picture above is from Dollywink! I recommend you to get an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush at the end so you can brush your brows and blend them (and that also means you don't have to spend more money to get a spoolie brush haha since it's included)!

Another thing I love is this eyebrow powder kit from KATE.
Since it's an eyebrow powder, it's matte (means no shimmer no glitter or anything), that means you can use it to contour your nose! No need to buy extra bronzer haha.
You can just use this to fill in your brows as well for a more natural look.

Next, liquid eyeliner!

I'm not a fan of pencil eyeliner, I think it's weird when people tell me pencil eyeliners are a lot easier to use compared to liquid ones. O_O

Personally, I think pencil eyeliner is soooo messy to use haha. Liquid eyeliner gives a more precise line plus it's easier to remove if you make any mistakes (just use a damp cotton bud).

1) Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
2) Eyecream Liquid Eyeliner
3) K-palette one day tattoo liquid eyeliner

I like these eyeliner as they are all like a pen. There are those that has this bottle and seperate brush, if you know what I'm saying..... and I hate those 'cause they are so difficult and troublesome to use.


Lip balms are soooo important to me since I have crazily chapped lips.

Some lip balms I really like.

1) Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip balm
2) EOS Lip balm
3) Maybelline Baby Lips

I guess I don't need to explain more about lip balms haha. Even on days without makeup, I have to bring lip balm everywhere so my dry lips won't crack!!

Applying lip balm before your whole makeup routine can make it a lot easier for you to apply your lipstick or lip tints! Dry lips are so hard to work with.

I hope this post helped you!!!
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Thanks for reading!

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