Girly Make Media Launch


Last night, I visited CLEO Hair & Make for Girly Make Media Launch!

The first thing I did when I reach there (apart from saying hi to everyone) was to get food 'cause I was starving HAHA.

I rushed there right after my exams so I was dressed in my OL outfit. :( I have to dress formally for thrice a week for my school, in case you haven't already knew. T _ T

So everyone was sweet and pretty and I'm just a lifeless OL HAHA.

The sweets buffet!!! I really like the caramel cupcakes~

And of course, the cutest little macaroons cannot be missed keke.

Since I was already at CLEO, might as well get my hair done hahaha.

My new hair stylist, Takuya!!! He did a great job curling my hair haha. He's really quick too!!! Thank you Takuya~

Anyway, the boss of Girly Lash...

QIUQIU!!! :D :D :D
The most humble and friendliest blogger I know haha.

Girly Make has 5 eyelashes designs and 3 eyelid tapes designs. :D

I haven't get to try them on yet but from the look of it, my favourite has got to be No. 4 puppy eyes...or maybe No.5 dolly demi brown... hmm!
They are both BROWN lashes!

Brown eyelashes are superb because they look so natural on our eyes! So instead of the usual black, you can try Girly Make's brown eyelashes for a fresher look. :D

There is a Girly Make counter at CLEO Hair & Make~

With my bbylove Rachell! :D ♥

Gen, Rachell, OL Peishi, Qiuqiu and Yutaki! ^_^

And also one with the pretty boy, Yutaki! :)

Stole some pictures from Rachell's blog 'cause her pictures are so clear and nice. *_*

AAAAND a group photo with all the pretty people!


Do support Qiuqiu's very own lash brand! I hope Girly Make will grow grow grow from more and more cosmetics to come! ^_^

Thanks for reading~ x

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