Advertorial: Bella & Quirks

Christmas is coming in a blink of an eye!
]I love Christmas so much, it's my favourite time of the year, one reason being.... IT'S A DAY FILLED WITH PRESENTS HAHA.

As much as I love to receive presents from people, I like to shop for presents to giveaway as well!

One of the quirkiest site I've found is BELLA & QUIRKS.

Cool thing about this webshop is get to find presents for both genders!

If your friend is a girl, you can shop for cosmetics at BELLA.
If your friend is a male, you can get a gift from QUIRKS.

Two item I've got from BELLA...

Defining eyes palette from SIGMA.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro Strike A Rose.

Of course, Bella & Quirks don't sell just ordinary things that you can get anywhere!
These cosmetics are hard to get in Singapore!
I've been finding these coloured Baby Lips but they are not selling anywhere in Singapore, so it will definitely make a good gift~

They are selling them at just $7.90!

Check out this Sigma Defining Eyes Palette as well!!!
I love the colours in this palette because it's so wearable~

Of course...It's not easily available in Singapore!!!

Other than cosmetics from BELLA, there are quirky stuff from QUIRKS.

I got myself this GIANT EARPHONES.

I'm not just kidding when I say these are GIGANTIC.

The sound from it is really nice too! You can operate it using a USB cable or batteries. :)


If you're having a hard time thinking where to get cool and unique Christmas Gifts, BELLA & QUIRKS will be the place for you!

I'm going to shop for Christmas gifts at Bella & Quirks too!

Go shop now before everyone else~
You can quote my name "Peishi10" to get 10% off total bill. (Only valid for first 25 transactions)

Thanks for reading!!! xx

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