Advertorial: Her Velvet Vase

Here's a really interesting online store that I've chanced upon!

What's interesting about it??
If you're someone who likes to personalize your outfit but have completely no idea how to match up fashion pieces in something that screams YOU, Her Velvet Vase is here to save your day! ^_^

At Her Velvet Vase, you get to customize your very own HVV mood box!
That means, Her Velvet Vase will be able to match up an outfit suitable for your mood. :)

Here's how you can do it~

Go on to and click on the "HVV MOOD BOX" tab. :)

Scroll down and you'll get to see some options where you get to choose what kind of mood box you want. 
There are 3 different options. 

I've selected the option 1 where you can get $100 worth of products at only $70!

After that, fill up this form that describes YOU! :)
That's roughly how I filled up mine. 

Then....You will just have to wait for your parcel to reach you. 

My HVV Mood Box!!! 
The box came to me as a pleasant surprise haha. It looks like some fancy gift box I see in KDramas LOL.

Quick look on what's inside! It's pretty heavy!

I'm quite happy to see all these included inside as well! HVV Mood Box doesn't just include clothes but vanity products as well.

Anyway, here's the outfit that HVV matched up for me. :)

A white knitted top, denim top, denim high waisted shorts and a yellow bag. :)

The thing I like about this is that the pieces they matched up for me are pretty basic (just like what I wanted) so I can mix and match them around when I don't want to wear all of them together as an outfit. :)

Without the knitted white outerwear. :)

And just the white outerwear itself! :D

Her Velvet Vase will be providing my readers with 50 HVV E-Vouchers for 10% off every purchase (excludes shipping)!

E-Voucher code: HVVXPEISHI

After it has been keyed for 50 times, it will be invalid. So...Hurry!


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