My day the other day

What a title haha.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging about my life recently. :(
Though I doubt most of you are still reading my blog, thank you for sticking by!

Here's a post about the other day when I decided I should skip school since I woke up really late wtf.
I haven't really overslept in my entire life LOL.

Although I'm as lazy as a pig and can sleep like a dead log sometimes, my alarm never fails to wake me up. Not sure what exactly happened that day. I switched off my alarm and went back to sleep thinking that it wasn't a school day. O_O Probably I really wasn't feeling that well.

Anyway, since I missed school, I decided to head out to CLEO and fix my hair. Been like a bush lately because I didn't bother to take good care of it haha.

Sasaki is really nice!!! It was his off day but he went down to do my hair. T _ T *wipes tears of joy*

My fantabulous hair after the carbonated treatment!
The carbonated treatment was pretty fascinating hahaha I had a shock, I thought something exploded on my hair.

Sasaki and I! Loving the loose curls, thank you!! ^_^

After that, I headed down to Bartini Kitchen for Nuffnang lovin'!!

We learned how to make cocktails that day, and yes sweethearts, I'M LEGAL LOL.

It's a drink made by Rachell and I. I have to admit our drink was nicer than the rest maybe because we're a bit kiasu, want to add a lot of everything LOL.

Watermelon cocktail :D

After that, I went down to 98.7fm with Rachell 'cause she was going to be on air that day!

Aaaaaaand then we got down to my favourite sting ray place in Singapore for supper...

WHO CAN EVER SAY NO TO SEAFOOD?!!?! My love for kangkong, sting ray and gong gong is...inevitable. Come to me now. COME.

That's all for that day!

Happy belated Halloween everyone. I didn't get to celebrate Halloween on 31st Oct but it's the very first time that I've experienced the whole 'halloween' feel in Singapore lol.
I got to visit a lot of halloween haunted houses along with Rachell. :D

Thought I didn't get to celebrate Halloween, I thought I should just play around with makeup haha.

Came up with this...

Not sure why my camera didn't capture the redness around my eyes and the whole picture turned out so greyish lol.

But it's a makeup inspired by R from warm bodies HAHAHAHA.
I didn't have any Halloween makeup so I made use of just some maroon + black eyeshadow and red lipstick!


Thanks for reading and bye! ^_^

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  1. All my favourite bloggers seem to be busy with school. I like that comment you made about being old enough to drink because when I first read that you were making cocktails, I thought you were too young.