Bake with me

This post will be so full of colour and sweetness because....

I finally found time to bake and blog about it! ^_^

BAKE WITH ME in this post! :D

Rainbow cakes are always so lovely to see. We see them almost everywhere on the internet!
I've always wanted to bake these colourful cakes myself but I haven't found the time to do so.

So glad I got to make it! Today, I'm going to teach you how to make rainbow cupcakes EASILY.

I wouldn't say rainbow cupcakes are SUPER easy to make but I assure's really not that tough. xD

To shorten up the process, I found instant vanilla cupcake mix!!!! WOOHOO don't you love how quick things are made nowadays? :D

Rainbow cupcakes are made using vanilla batter (which is pretty easy to make as well, even if you don't really like instant mixes)!
All you got to do is to add colours into the batter. :)

According to the instant mix, I've got to add three eggs, vegetable oil and water.

Mix them all up!

I'm done with the batter!
After that, separate the batter in 5 different cups or bowls.

My mom prepared five cups of different colours to match the colour of the batter!

TAADANG!!! Just add a few drops of colours in each cup.

Took the above picture with POP ART filter on my camera!!!
Can never forget to play with the interesting filters on my camera.

POP ART filter has got to be the BEST filter to use, especially when I'm baking RAINBOW cupcakes as it brings out all the colours vividly.

The light tone filter works surprisingly well too! PASTEL TONE!

Next, just fill up the cupcake cups with the rainbow batter, one by one, layer by layer! ^_^

Speed frame from the photo story function on my camera!
I LOVE IT because it simplified the process of collaging all five pictures into one within 5 clicks.
Just like the process of making this rainbow cupcake, the speed frame is awesome for taking movement shots. :D

My camera has a touchscreen function so I can simply tap the screen to take these pictures!!!

Can't imagine how lengthy my blog post will be without the Photo Story function on my camera!

After all the steps above, just put your cupcakes into the oven to bake!
Mine took about 15 minutes. :D

Meanwhile, I made Cream Cheese Frosting (my absolute favourite)!
Recipe from Martha Stewart, best frosting, I promise.

Doesn't it look yummy already?

I waited for my cupcakes to cool down before I piped the frosting on it.

While waiting, I used the left over batter to make MORE cupcakes!

Mini coloured cupcakes! Also used pop art filter for this picture.
Like I've raved so much about the pop art filter above, the colours are so stunningly vivid in this picture!

Favourite thing to do after baking rainbow cupcakes is to break them into half to reveal all the beautiful colours. ^_^

I used a disposable plastic bag, cut a small opening at the corner and placed the flower piping tip before piping my cream cheese frosting.

Yummy!!!! Can't wait to eat one...

Here's the end product!!! Super satisfying to see them looking so pretty!

The mini cupcakes!!! Took this picture using the Light Tone effect on my camera for that dreamy pastel tone.

Pin-hole effect on my camera for a more vintage feel.
Isn't it amazing how different effects on my camera can make the same picture so pretty with a different feeling? :D

And like I said, my favourite thing to do after baking a rainbow cupcake....



Looks unreal with the Pop Art Filter on my camera haha.

Can't wait to transfer all these pictures to my smartphone from my camera via OLYMPUS OI.Share (which you can download free from the App Store) thanks to the wifi function!
So easy to share these pictures on my Instagram now!!!

Rainbow cupcakes are popular page makers on Instagram, HAHA!

Photo Story function in my camera also has this frame which I love because it states the date!
Definitely memory carved on a picture. :)

Pictures in this post are all taken using my awesome camera, Olympus Stylus XZ-10. :D

Had so much fun baking these beautiful rainbow cupcakes. Hope I can find more time to bake, it's such a fun thing to do!

Thanks for reading! x

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  1. they look yummy omg, you should bake more!!

  2. Hi peishi, may I know where you bought the colourings? :) it looks vibrant!

  3. Omg its so nice ! But it seem complicating to bake it ! xD

  4. Hi Peishi where did u get the instant vanilla cupcake mix? :)thanks