What's going on?

My life is such a bore. O_O
I thought I have things all planned out for my long holiday. Or maybe I thought things will all come together smoothly and fix in all my free days but it didn't turn out so.

I had a hectic week before this so I naturally thought I will be busy the next.
So. Damn. Wrong.

I got stuck at home for more than a week, and my life revolved around YouTube videos, cable TV and stuff.

I kindda got myself into the world of kpop after my love for Running Man and after going for hangul classes haha.
I will say I've always loved the Korean culture (food, language..) but I'm not so much of a fan of kpop (still), but I do love kpop more than how I used to!

Anyway, despite the cray over Kpop recently, I still really like Japanese fashion for how daring they are when it comes to dressing up.

Rosebullet invited me, along with Qiuqiu and Yukie for their makeover event!!
Definitely a brand new experience for me because I haven't worked with Japanese before and my job was to style my readers haha. I'm glad my readers put their trust into my styling skills. xD It turned out pretty well, honestly!!!!

Qiuqiu the life-sized doll HAHA. Like Barbie + Kelly 'cause I look so tiny (or short but I prefer to be tiny, WHAT?)

Yukie, who is a half Japanese!

The really nice CLEO Hair and Make stylists! :D Thanks for making my hair look soooo nice!

Dress (or top) by rosebullet. :)

Thank you for having me! I had a great time~

Anyway, a week ago, I went to Saizeriya again for dinner. *throws confetti*
Hayley and I were damn mad because we were so hungry so we went all the way to The Cathay for Saizeriya HAHAHA.

Probably the 100th photo of Saizeriya's Escargot on my blog haha.
I was so surprised by the size of their escargot. I think it got shrunken 10 times in size wtf.

TAADANG!!! If you're looking for some joy while eating, you need to get Squid Ink Pasta HAHAHA. We couldn't stop laughing at each other while eating. It's not that hard to wash away so don't worry.

Ending off with some of Buibuiwoo's selca.

Thanks for reading!!! ^_^

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