Advertorial: Ashincans

Ash in Cans!!!

I have to say Ashincans is one of the best blogshops with the most stunning clothes ever. I had a hard time choosing clothes that I like because they all look equally gorgeous!

Had my hands on this Marc Jacobs Pullover.
I love pullovers, especially this piece because it fits me perfectly.

Very comfortable - I can see myself wearing this ton of times!

Got myself this adorable white leather backpack, perfect for school, perfect for a casual day out. :D

Also picked out this floral hoodie. I've been a huge fan of hoodies lately!
They are so easy to match - they match almost everything we wear and is very comfortable~

This simple white hoodie has colourful floral prints on the sleeves!

Spell me CUTE, don't you love the happy flowers on my sleeves?? *_*

Mention my name "SPEISHI" to get free normal postage until end of September!!!!

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