Salon Vim: Keratin Treatment


So mad at my messy hair so I visited Salon Vim to deal with this problem. I know I've complained about my crazy frizzy hair too many times.
In pictures, my frizzy hair don't show that obviously because I either blew dry it nice enough for pictures or curled it beforehand.

THIS is what I meant by frizzy.

I have natural curly hair to begin with so the frizziness in my hair is really no joke.

I really liked Privy Hair Treatment because it instantly smoothens my hair but it doesn't last me very long so in about 3 days my super stubborn ultimate frizzy hair goes back to norm.

My stylist, Steve, recommended me this hair treatment called "Keratin Treatment"! It claims to last for a few months and will strengthen my frizzy hair!!!

Firstly, they washed my hair with keratin treatment's shampoo and left it on my hair for about 15 minutes.

After washing it away, they brought me back to my seat and applied this treatment cream which they left on my hair for an hour or so with this steam machine.

They didn't wash the treatment cream off but they blew dry it away! :O
After blowdrying, they straightened and blowdry my hair once more!!!


I am impressed!!!! The result reminds me a little of soft rebonding but it doesn't damage your hair and the straightened result will be gone after a few washes.



I am so impressed! My hair is still really soft and manageable after a week of this treatment ^_^

Of course, we'll still have to manage our hair properly after this treatment to keep it lasting.

If you're interested, you can visit Salon Vim Bugis for this treatment!
Remember to call them for a booking beforehand. :) My stylist is Steve :D

Salon Vim @ Bugis 

235 Victoria Street

Singapore 188027

+65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045


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  1. what is the price for keratin treatment?

  2. Pei Shi what camera are you using ? Mind to share ?

  3. Pei Shi what camera are you using? Mind to share?

  4. I have tried a Keratin Treatment and I hope it all works out for you :) keratin treatment

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  8. How much is this Keratin Treatment?

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  10. Nice Post! Thanks for sharing your experience....However, the products used in this type of Keratin Hair Treatment are made of a lot more than just keratin. Although keratin will make your hair stronger, shiny ,silky and straighten hair.

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