Ramble ramble.

So...hello there!
It has been a while since I sat down in front of my computer, thinking about what to blog and all.

I won't use busy as an excuse anymore because...it's an excuse HAHA.

I'm so lazy recently I haven't really found a time that I'm not lazy to blog about what's happening in my life.
Man, when did blogging become this tiring LOL.

It has been a happening September for me, how about you?
I always love September because it's my birthday month!!! BIRTHDAY = IMMUNITY and that means I can do everything I like and want. xD *flies away like ironman*

I can't blog about my birthday yet for some reason but I can't wait to show you guys some pictures from my birthday party!
It was really fun because it's not like a "party" where you get drunk and all that lol. It's just like another night with my friends - just that it's better with a big suite at The Sultan Hotel.

Unlike other 18th birthday party , mine was more like a kids' party haha but I really like it!!!

Perkies was there to cater for my birthday, super happy because there were PLENTY of macaroons for me to munch on.

Also got to take some really nice pictures at The Sultan Hotel since our suite is so big and pretty!

And my bbylove/laobu/jiejie did a lot a lot for my birthday!!! ^_^ THANK YOU THANK YOU SARANGHAMNIDA.

I will blog about it, hopefully very soon!

Some pictures from Shiggashay's birthday the other day~

I found this effect on my new camera HAHAHAHA.

With Zadon. :D

And Tosh!

AKA my dad. He really look like my dad 'cause he's so big beside me LOL.

Thaaaat's all for now!

Thanks for reading though I haven't been updating this space as regularly.

:D ♥ xoxo

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  1. You'r only 18 than? Well, i thought you are year or two older. I mean you look so much more mature. Anyway, Happy birthday! Rost