Sponsored review: MISSHA's Sheer Fluid Blusher + Auto Powder


I'm doing a cosmetics review for MISSHA's products today. :)

I haven't tried any MISSHA's product before so these are my first!!!

These products are kindly sponsored by http://www.eslyn.com. They are based in Ontario, Canada.

Missha's Sheer Fluid Blusher.
Available in 4 shades. It claims to be long-lasting and has a glow effect to it.

I haven't tried any fluid blushers before, but I'm a huge fan of cream blushers!
My expectations are pretty high for blushers because I like them to be long lasting, easy to apply and also very natural-looking.

It comes with a pump like this.


It looks very natural - just like a natural pink flush on your skin. The colour is slightly pigmented so it's not too bright and harsh on your face.
The colours are really nice and almost the same as what I've expect upon ordering.
I really like Vivid Coral!


The packaging looks very cheap. I have to admit I LOVE pretty packagings, I purchase a lot of cosmetics just because of their packagings.
The pump is very difficult to work, as it's very difficult for us to control the amount of product that we want.
It is not very long-lasting.


Missha's M Prism Bright-on auto powder.
Available in 2 shades.

The coolest thing about this powder is the applicator!

The sponge vibrates after pressing a button.

The product claims to brighten skin and fix uneven and dull skin for a flawless, sleek finish.


I really like the packaging! The idea of the vibrating sponge is also the reason why I chose to try this out. They provide a spare sponge to change so we won't have to reuse the dirty sponge.
The vibrating effect of the applicator helps to speed up the process of makeup.


I don't really like the finishing result. The coverage is barely noticeable even after applying a thick layer.
Not worth the price.

Rating: ☆

Thanks for reading!!! :D 


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  1. The blusher looks really natural though and I have to admit the packaging looks kinda plastic-like which makes it looking tad cheap :/

    Celyx Lim

  2. Hi! It's good to see another Singaporean blogger. Lovely blog! Anyway, I was wondering if it's alright to follow each other? I can't find your follow gadget on you blog. Let me know if you're up for it or not. Hehe! :)

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