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Sorry for the lack of posts recently! Have been really busy (and lazy because I'm busy if it makes any sense). It's my test week (which I haven't been preparing for it omfg) and my schedule is pretty much packed.... :O

I like it when my schedule is packed though, it seems like I've been very busy and productive HAHA.

Anyway, I found time to visit The Nail Status to finally have my nails done!!! Feels like YEARSSS since I last did my nails because my course doesn't allow it.

Very grumpy-looking nails indeed.

In case you have no idea....The Nail Status looks like this!

This is their other outlet called "The Nail Status Cottage"! They have their main outlet "The Nail Status" just a few shops away. :)

They have a crazy amount of customers so you'll have to make sure you booked your appointment!

My nails thanks to Christine!
Inspired by one of my all-time favourite cartoons because of the mystical and adventurous details - Alice in Wonderland! ^_^

The very lazy me has been rocking the no makeup makeup look... xD

Anyway, my toe nails are looking really fab now too!

Reminds me of The Little Mermaid omfg my nails are so disney-ish!!!!! *_*

Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #04-83 , 228213 
6836 2005

Remember to book an appointment before visiting~

OH RIGHT, I've updated SPEISHOP with a lot of new clothes! Remember to shop there~

I'll probably be closing down SPEISHOP soon because I'm too busy to handle it all by myself. :( It might be the last batch of pretty clothes so shop there before everything's gone..! 

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon! xx

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