Happy Birthday to ME!

My favourite day every year...MY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

Don't you love birthdays as much as I do? 
I love it because it's a reason for me to keep myself happy all day and do everything I like! 
On top of that, I feel like a little queen with everyone being extra nice to me that day. xD 

I received a new camera few days before my birthday from Olympus
Like a little kid unwrapping his new toy, I couldn't wait to try out this new camera!

Anyway, check out the suite I celebrated my birthday in at The Sultan Hotel. :D


They gave me a bouquet of flowers as a gift too, so touched.

Thank you so much for looking into all these little details. :D

Beautiful flowers cannot be put to waste. xD

Just in case you're wondering, the collages are not made using Photoshop or anything! 
Everything was made a lot more convenient with a new function on Olympus Stylus ZX-10, Photo Story. :D

What I like about it is that there are filters to the photo story as well so we don't have to worry if it will turn out really plain and boring.

The Photo Story theme I've used on the two pictures above is Zoom in/out effect. One picture is zoomed in!

More flowers, with a different filter!!! This is the standard frame! I'm in love. 

Perkies catered food for my birthday party~ I love them so much because they prepared a whole table of my FAVOURITE food! 

Cups of love. My absolute favourite is the lemon one! 

I'm using the Pale & Light Tone art filter from my camera. I really like this filter because it makes everything a lot dreamier. Don't you think?

Pop art filter for these colourful macaroons! 
I'm a huge macaroon fan so I had SO many macaroons that day!!!

One two three....I'm going to eat them all up in three seconds!!!

Photo Story Fun Frame in Film mode!
It really looks like a photo story, doesn't it?

I HAD TONS OF THESE CORN DOGS TOO!!!!! Too hard to resist. 

I tweeted this picture and it received a lot of likes. xD
I really like the quality of this picture! Not too sure about you, I'm very anal about photo qualities so some of my Instagram pictures has to be taken from my camera. 
It's always a trouble for me as I have to transfer the pictures to my computer first before I can transfer it to my phone and post it on Instagram.

Thank goodness for this WiFi SD card called FlashAir, and Olympus's new app called O.I.Share, I get to transfer my picture on the camera, straight to my phone! 

TAADANG! So easy!
I can upload it to Instagram right away after that since it will be saved in my camera roll. :)

Back to my birthday party....

Later that night, Rachell appeared with Alice in Wonderland themed Cupcakes and 20 balloons with "Read me" notes attached to them! 
I told her that I wanted my 18th birthday to be in Alice in Wonderland theme because I'm a huge fan of that cartoon, but I didn't manage to do up a party in that theme due to the time constrain.


Behind "Read me" are little notes from my friends. You guys are the sweetest things, thank you so much for everything.

Birthday cupcakes! 

Rachell and I. Thank you so much. I'm very very very grateful to have you in my life. :')

All the pictures in this post are taken using Olympus Stylus XZ-10

Thank you for reading!

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