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If you ask what my favourite fashion style is, I will say it's anything comfortable!

I love any clothes that I feel comfortable in!
I believe all of us look a lot better in clothes we feel comfortable in because we'll all be confident in comfortable clothes!

Confidence = key to looking good! 

Anyway, Running Thread sent me a few apparels!
I wore their Seattle T-shirt to do my nails the other day~

They have a lot of pretty clothes on their site, which I bet you'll love!

Flared white top!

This piece is very unique and very comfortable!!!

Lace White Romper!

Suitable for a casual day out. You can match it with some fancy accessories like necklaces since it's a simple white romper! I love basic clothes like this because we can play around with it and wear it a lot of times without others noticing. HAHA.

Running Thread's Collection 36 was launched on the first of August! :D

From this collection onwards, Running Thread will be selling their apparels at a pocket-friendly price!
Items will be going from $14 - $23 in this collection.

On top of that, they've updated their preorder page with New Balance and Converse shoes~

Do visit their site for lovely clothes at an affordable price!!!
Follow them on INSTAGRAM to join their giveaway contest. ^_^

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