Advertorial: The Nail Status

Visited The Nail Status with Rachell, Zoe Raymond, Hayley and Jayley the other day! :D

Rachell's not inside 'cause she was late haiyooooo.

That's Mabel and Christine! They are very friendly people!
Made my first trip there really pleasant. I felt like I was at home keke.

I did pedicure because my school don't allow fancy fingernails pft. Anyway, they made my toe nails super FAB also! :D

They are really good with their hands haha. I have in-grown toe nails and it hurts real bad when I wear sneakers so they helped me file them off~

I did Gel Nails in case you're wondering! ^_^

My colourful toe nails perfect for....whatever season it is now hahaha.

Hung out with the girls after a taitai time at The Nail Status!

Lunch that day...

It was my first time at the Old Airport Road LOL I heard it's a really good place for food though!
The food are really quite yummy one!


Jayley and Hayley's dog! SUPER ADORABLE I CANNOT STAND IT.

Alright, that's all for this post hehe.
I'm going off for a 3D2N vacation!

Have an awesome break, all of you~
SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my Muslim buddies!

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