Just so happen to attend two different movie premieres recently and I didn't take a lot a lot of pictures so I'll just combine them both together.

Attended Smurfs 2 Global Premiere! SUPER LOVE the movie I'll love to watch it again when it's out!

There was an event going on before the movie so my cousin and I joined the fun and got ourselves SMURF BALLOONS.

My papa smurf! Free one so must take HAHA. I queued for nearly an hour and I lost papa smurf on the train on my way home. :'(

Was lucky enough to get a picture with the Smurfs mascots because they left very quickly.

Thanks to Churpchurp for the tickets!

Last night, Jayley invited Rachell and I to the premiere of 'The Girl In Pinafore'. To be very honest, I never thought Singaporean's songs are nice haha but I changed my mind after watching this movie.
We have talents too! :D

Bumped into Noah!

I have been getting really really lazy recently. I don't even do thick makeup anymore because it's too tiring and troublesome.

I used to dress up for events like this but now I'm just...throwing on any comfortable top and bottom and OFF I GO! xD Not a good habit but at least I'm comfortable throughout the show. I'll probably get lazier and lazier as days go by and not put any makeup for events like this anymore LOL.


The movie was pretty good so do catch it if you can~




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