Hello sweethearts.

Ever since a zillion years back (jk not so long), all of you girls have been asking me to do a flea to sell my clothes! 

To be very honest, I don't have a lot of clothes. All the time, I wear sponsored clothes, so I don't see the need to buy clothes for myself HAHA I think it's a waste of money (though sometimes I still buy quite a bit hahahaha) - which explains why I don't have a scary amount of clothes to wear like every other girl. 

BUT not ALL the sponsored apparels fit me even though I wish they do. After a while, I accumulated quite an amount, so finally, I'll be selling MY CLOTHES AT THE FLEA yay!

Now all of you get to have the pretty clothes I own but cannot fit lol. PFT. I know all of you will like them 'cause I LOVE THEM.

I'll be selling my clothes with Janice (who will be selling her lovely clothes as well) and Jian Hao (who will be there to sell his Loh Yeh Moh Yeh T-shirts)! Bancho will be there too!! To...yknow, be a statue or something. :D 

Most of the clothes I'm selling are brand new. Only some are preloved which I decided to let go at a cheaper price.

Like these two! Pre-superloved HAHAHA. I bought them because I saw them in VIVI magazines. 

Brand new W ♥ C raglan top which is way too big for me. I bought this online. Branded and is damn soft BUT I CANNOT WEAR UGHHHHH.

Brand new high waisted tribal and studded spike shorts.

Brand new leather jacket with peek-a-boo leopard print details. 

AND A WHOLE LOT MORE brand new (some still with tags) super nice apparels!

Come down to grab your favourite apparel. Who knows, maybe one or two apparels that you've been eying on my blog will be selling at as low as $15 below!!!?

Location: SCAPE flea (indoor, right outside guitar shop at the first floor)
Date: 13th April 2013, Saturday
Time: 12PM to 3PM 

Bring your own bags to put the clothes 'cause we won't be providing you with that!
Everything will be super cheap but please remember to bring more cash 'cause we will only accept cash payment!!

Come on down and show us your support ok!! 
Can't wait to meet all of you! ^_^


Oh and yes, my new video HAHAHA.

Thanks for reading! x

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