Flea with us.

As mentioned in the previous post, Jian Hao, Janice and I had a flea at Scape yesterday!
The response was good although I can safely say more than 50% of the people came to buy haohao's LYMY t-shirt and take pictures with us hahaha ahem.
BUT nevertheless, it was a fun day and it was great to meet all of you.

The crowd about 10 minutes before we even start. :O You guys are craycray awesome haha.

Choochoo was there to join us! And no he wasn't just a statue HAHA I'm glad he was there to help. ^_^

Our booth! A lot of the prettiest clothes got sold in 15 minutes wtf :O

And a picture of us after the flea! :D

It's actually quite tiring to do this though it was quite a lot of fun HAHA.

Another picture with the crazy big eyes Janice after the flea omfg.

Thank you so much for coming down to support!!! :D
A family came down specially from Malaysia just to meet me ahhhhhh. Too damn sweet, thank you thank you!!! :'D

Special thanks to those lovelies who made the effort to prepare little gifts for me. :')

Compiled some of the pictures you tweeted me. :D
Only managed to get some because some I either look TOO bad or your account's private or you put me in a collage so I can't put them in a collage hahaha.

But no worries, I saw all (at least as much as I can T _ T) excluding the private ones.


Yesterday was my little sister's birthday too!!!


That's all for now, till next time...muah! xx

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  2. Hi peishi! May I know where u get your camo geek tee?