Whiter teeth

Ever since quite some time ago, when I post pictures of me smiling with my teeth, people comment on how much they like my white teeth.
And to me, that's a huge compliment, thank you very much haha.

And because of that, I thought I should do a post about this!

Having white teeth isn't really a big deal to me some time back because I thought people wouldn't focus so much on it more than the neatness of your teeth. So to me, having NEAT, STRAIGHT teeth is a MUST. I thought having straight teeth makes you look more presentable and clean.

I was lucky to be born with straight teeth.
My bottom row's slightly crooked and I've been contemplating to go for braces for my bottom row since forever but my parents and a whole lot other people disagree with my thought so I guess I'll give it a pass.

So for quite some time, I had completely no problem with my teeth until one day, I looked at this dude with super yellow teeth and I was so grossed out. I went home and took the mirror to check my teeth and since then, I got SUPER conscious about the colour of my teeth haha.
Before that, my mom has been telling me how yellow my teeth are already but I don't care lol.

I'm born with yellow teeth, so no matter how many times I brush my teeth and no matter how clean I keep it, it will never be white.

From then, I really want to know how to get whiter teeth!
So..here are some ways that I thought might be useful for you - if you want to have nice white teeth.

Here's a closer view of my teeth.

1) Tooth Bleaching

One of the most effective but probably the worst way to get whiter teeth.
There are many ways to bleach your teeth and I guess the most common method is the UV teeth bleaching - which they make use of UV light to bleach your teeth.
The difference between WHITENING and BLEACHING is that whitening restores your natural teeth colour but bleaching gets beyond that - which means it whitens your teeth further than your natural teeth colour.

And why did I say it's the worst way? No I'm not some teeth professional haha but I was so interested 'cause I've heard so much about UV teeth bleaching so I googled it and found out that it's actually so bad.
Firstly, it's pretty darn expensive and secondly, there is a high risk that your teeth will be damaged from the chemical. Your teeth will become sensitive.

But if you're desperate I guess you can go for it.

2) Whitening Strips

Sounds like the best idea to get whiter teeth!! HAHA. So many people recommended me to try Crest Whitening Strips.
I've googled about it - and it's not so bad for your teeth!! :D

They said there are no bleaching agent in the whitestrips although they contain hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.
Apparently it's just removing stains from your teeth very very effectively so it whitens to your natural white!!
So from here, I think my teeth isn't really born yellow HAHA but just stained with a lot of stubborn bad asses. However, Crest whitestrips are pretty costly too T _ T
Which is why I haven't try it. Still thinking if I should try it out.


3) Toothpolish

LASTLY, this is the thing I'm using now!! I replaced my regular toothpaste with this. :D

I've been using this since three months back and stopped about a month ago because I was waiting for it to go on a sale again. BUT IT NEVER DID LOL.
I really wanted whiter teeth but I can't bear to splurge so much on something very expensive so I decided to try this toothpolish out since it was on a sale at about $9!

At first I thought it's not really working 'cause I don't see my teeth turn whiter BUT I get a lot more compliments about my white teeth than before la hahahahaha so I think it's really working.

One of my friend even got it after seeing my teeth 'cause she thought my teeth really got whiter.
I still don't believe that my teeth got whiter until I stopped using it for a month and resumed to the normal toothpaste AND WHAT THE HECK my teeth turned a lot more yellow T _ T

So I quickly splurged on it la (actually it's just about a dollar more without discount hahahhaha I'm just being super stingy) and now I'm back to using it!

They claimed you can see the result in 2 weeks time.

And the reason why this is effective for me is because I LOVE TO DRINK TEA and tea is one of the MOST stubborn bad ass that stains my teeth super badly and make it crazy yellow.


These are the three ways to get whiter teeth!

After researching and looking through these ways, I think we probably already have normal-white teeth so bleaching is a little unnecessary. Maybe if we remove ALL the stains on our teeth we'll unveil super crazy white teeth that we're already born with HAHAHA.
One way to reduce stains is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking tea/coffee or anything that is prone to staining your teeth.

OH and to end off, a few tricks to give others a illusion of you having AWESOME white teeth in pictures...

Because I like my pictures crazy bright so they make my teeth look whiter at the same time hahaha.

Creates this crazy huge contrast and makes your teeth look whiter.

And I hope this helps. x

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  1. I have straight of straight upper teeth too! Just like you! You have a beautiful smile Peishi.

    Does this make your teeth sensitive? More easily irritated when eating cold food?

  2. My teeth are stained/yellowish from drinking tea all the time, but whitening it is just...eh, not something I want to do since it'll cause my teeth to become more sensitive =/ I have a friend who used crest whitening strips & her teeth became very sensitive as well

  3. I've tried the white strips before and they're really effective! I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened at the dentist, but I'm scared of the pain.. Your teeth always look really bright!

  4. where did you get toothpolish?

  5. As far as I know, teeth bleaching can damage the outer layer of the teeth. It'll thin the outer layer of the teeth, making it more prone to damage. So I'm really hesitant on using bleaching agents on my teeth like the one I've been seeing on the internet. I don't even agree on using bleach on teeth. It can be dangerous to your health once swallowed. I guess, I would resolve this issue with DIY whitening kits. I hope it works!

  6. Whiter teeth can make a person feel beautiful, desired, and more confident. Just look through any magazine and what do you see? Ugly, yellow, stained teeth? Of course not! You see perfect smiles and gorgeous white teeth - because that is what people want to look like.

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