What is up recently?

Haven't been blogging about what happened recently because I'm a very lazy person.
I went out quite a bit these few weeks but I didn't bother to take out my camera to snap any pictures...which explains why the lack of blog posts HAHA.

Most of my 'readers' skim through my blog to look at the pictures instead of reading the content so I NEED to have pictures in my post else it wouldn't be a blog post LOL.

I've been going out every week because I thought I have to make full use of my holiday before it's over in like a week's time. OMG time passes so quickly when we're having a good time (I consider ANY time out of school = good time for now wtf).

Last week, I went to GGC's concert at Esplanade after making an appearance at Cineleisure for their CNOS2 finals! :D

I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES which explains why I didn't blog about it HAHA.

Yesterday, I met up with Hao, Rid, Cho, Jan and Luna to celebrate Rid's birthday at Seoul Garden! AND we didn't take any pictures again wtf.
But I took some pics before that! :D

*Finally a pic with Jianhwancho's faces - Stole it from Hao*

Before that, we met up with Tosh, Shigga Shay and co because they needed to film a video hoho. I had to tag along like some gen pi cong since I needed to wait for Jianhwancho (what a weird name) HAHA.
Finally got to take pictures with Tosh and ShiggaShay! :D


And also a nicer picture of me before I head out of my place and got drenched in the rain :(

The day before that, I went out with Jianhwancho + my brother. THAT EXPLAINS WHY I'M SO DEAD TIRED THE NEXT DAY OMFG.


Whatever it is, here's a picture of me the day before lol.

And also a picture of a handsome guy to end this post off.

That's all!!!
Had a fruitful weekend although it was really tiring.

OH YES before I end this, Jian Hao, Janice and I will be having a booth and the flea market @ SCAPE on 13th April, 12pm - 3pm! Jian Hao will be selling his Loh Yeh Moh Yeh T-shirts while Janice and I will be selling our clothes.

I'll be selling lots of brand new clothes, or clothes I've only worn once for advertorials. :D ALL AT A FRACTION OF THE RETAIL PRICE! They are all in free size so you don't have to worry that my clothes will be too small for you lol.


SCAPE FLEA - 13th APRIL 2013 - 12pm - 3pm ♥ 

Hope you had a good weekend too. Love you all. x

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