Get me a time machine.

Took the time machine back to the 80s the other day.
Went filming for Shigga Shay's upcoming MV "Limpeh" :D (actually didn't really help much haha just sit there and watch show wtf)

I was supposed to be there very early and Cho's time is supposed to be there a few hours later than me HAHA but I *ahem* asked *ahem* him to accompany me over at my time and he did. :D YAY!

Took quite a bit of pictures in my phone O_O
I didn't even realise and I think it's gonna be quite crazy for me to instagram all of them so I decided to post them here instead.

Back alley where they filmed and I watched show hahaha. All of them are soooo hardworking one lol filming MV isn't as easy as what you thought. :O

Also a picture of me just in case you miss my face already.... HAHA.

And then a picture of the very nice custard bun at Swee Choon. I WANT ONE NOW.

So...I'm gonna post all the pictures and you'll just enjoy all of them okay.

I doubt you'll read what I type here anyway. And I think you've already skipped this part, looking at all the pictures now. TOO MUCH.


Don't ask.

Support Shigga Shay's new MV when it's out okay! :)

Ending off with some pictures with..

Shigga Shay and two photobombers behind HAHAHA.

Weiliang :D

And Tosh :D


After that, Cho and I went to meet up with Jan and Hao for dinner at Sakura, which was on Hao hehe.
THANKS FOR THE DINNERRRR. And I didn't take any pictures 'cause I was too tired to whip out my camera to snap any pics. :'(

THANKS FOR READING and I have no idea why this suddenly became long enough to be a blog post lol.


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