My title says it all. Fabulous. HAHAHA.

Featuring the pretty clothes from Jipaban!!

Yellow roses skirt by Smitten at Jipaban. :D
If you're a huge fan of vintage apparels, I'm sure this is the one that screams YOU.

I like skirts because I'm not really a dress kind of person but on certain days, I really want to wear something a lil more feminine instead of my plain old shorts. SO YAY FOR SKIRTS!!

The skirt really matches my hair huh!!

Paired this outfit with a simple necklace - Robyn Feather Necklace. :)

Classy top with a little peplum going on at the bottom.
Fallon studded crepe top from maryjulian.

Look at the studs on the shoulders!!

Another really cool top from maryjulian...

Reminds me of those scuba-diving swimwear haha! They have shoulder pats!

Matched this top with a necklace from Jipaban! Plain tops with minimal designs are the best because we can play around with more accessories to enhance our outfit. :D

Liaison Reptile Tallulah Necklace in White.


The super adorable spider ring!!! WTH looks damn real from far haha.

3D Spiderman Silver Ring.

And.. this is my favourite out of all the apparels...

Growl Top!!!
Which turns out to be a dress for me because I'm short HAHA but hey, that means I can to wear it in more than a way. ;)

I'm wearing Nano Spikes Bracelet in Glam.

Instead of wearing it as a dress....
I can tuck in my 'dress' and turn it into a muscle tank!

Super nice both ways, I can't decide which look I prefer!! *_*

Fringes Denim Shorts from Jipaban as well!

Changed my bracelet into this chunky beaded one.

Caroline Beaded Bracelet in Neon Pink.

Lastly, super pretty ring I HAVE to feature in this post from Jipaban..

Super crazy bling!!!

Nightingale Foxy Ring.

From the Swarovski collection and best part is, there are sizes for this ring so you can to have the best fit. ;)

So shiny it blinded me HAHA.

If you fell in love with any of these items, you can always find them at JIPABAN!


Oh yes before I end...

My new nails I did before school reopened. I did simple french nails and cut my nails short because my diploma is Wellness, Lifestyle & Spa management lol. Which means I have to have short nails as grooming is part of my grades. :(
And if you see Ridhwan laughing at me, calling me a cleaner, it's because of the horrendous uniform I have to wear twice a week.

But I'm glad I have a nail sponsor to do pretty nails for me before school starts.

Did the Gel one because it can last longer.
If you like simple nails like this, you can book an appointment at Fabulocity!

They are located at Chinese Garden MRT, cross the bridge and you'll find rows of shophouses. They are among the shophouses.

For more info,

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