DRx: Essential Facial (Plus)

Few days ago, I made a visit to DRx Medispa for a quick facial session! :D
I know it's hard to believe but....ahem, it's my very first facial so I was quite scared of how it will turn out.

Before you read on, I don't have any pretty pictures of myself in this post so please don't panic and run away after you see my no makeup pictures lol. 

DRx Medispa has a different ambience compared to DRx Clinic (you can read my previous post on DRx Clinic HERE).

At DRx Medispa, they have warm lighting and soothing music so it is definitely a very comfortable and relaxing place for your facial.

After using a month of products from Derma-X range, they prepared a facial session for me to quicken the process to having the flawless face I wanted!

For this facial session, they did Essential Facial (Plus) on me!

Just as the name stated, this facial treatment is essential for the maintenance of a good complexion!
It consists of 4 steps.

1) Ultrasonic Cleansing 

Here, they use an ultrasound device to eliminate dead cells from skin's surface and loosen impurities, oil, blackheads and whiteheads within the pores.
After this, it will be easier for them to remove the impurities from your face, without damaging the surrounding skin.

2) Microdermabrasion (Only for Essential Facial Plus)

This involves the removal of superficial layers of the skin with a special machine.
This procedure results in clearer looking skin and if repeated over a period of time, gives skin a smoother texture and reduce fine lines!
DRx Microdermabrasion was awarded a 4-star "Must-try" rating by Female magazine.

3) Extraction

Many of my friends told me facial is so painful because of extraction! I was so scared of extraction so when the therapist told me "I will be doing manual extraction now." I was like "*o* noooooo."
I didn't turn out as bad as what my friends said even though I have to admit it's still very painful, plus this is my first facial, so I guess there are really a lot of clogged pores and impurities they need to get rid of.

4) Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery 

From here, they use an ultrasound device to deliver the goodness such as PG vitamins and essential compounds into your skin!
They used Vitamin C on me for a firmer, younger skin. It is also known to produce an overal skin lightening effect and a more even skin tone!
And YES we can see the difference right after the treatment.

They ended off the facial treatment with a Therapeutic Mask.
MY FAVOURITE PART haha because after the extraction, you will feel like you really need something to cool your face down.
They applied this really thick and cold mask on my face and let me rest for a while. :D

This is how my face looks like, right after the facial.

There is no downtime after the facial - which means you can go out without looking like a complete clown right after haha.
However, your face will still be slightly swollen and have some slight red marks caused by extraction.

Within a day, they will all be gone!!! :D

I did the facial a day before filming and it was so smooth and flawless the next day it looks like I have no pores at all lol.

I am still using Derma-X products!
The biggest problem on my face will be my horrible forehead and as you can see from the picture above, it's pretty cleared up already, leaving just a few acne scars which will, hopefully, be gone very very soon!

If you're interested to consult the doctors and is new to DRx,
your consultation fee will be waived off when your mention "Peishi" while making an appointment!

DRx Clinic/ Drx Medispa is located at Tong Building (between lucky plaza and paragon in Orchard), 16th floor. :D

Thank you DRx for the very nice skin and I'll keep you updated regarding my skin. :D


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  1. You shouldn't put too much makeup! It's bad for your skin! You're still really pretty without makeup on!

  2. May i ask if your fringe are side-swept or just straight or others? Can you pls tell meeee!Cause i want to be as pretty as you!:)