Advertorial: Jipaban

All the time, I feel a little empty if I head out without my accessories.

To me, accessories are something so significant to your entire outfit. It makes you look dressier, and definitely makes a whole lot of difference to your overall look.

If you're wearing button-up long sleeves like what I'm wearing in the picture above, accessories are also important! Don't neglect them even though it seems like there isn't a need for accessories.

I paired up White Cross Maker Shirt (mary julian) with this Spike Connector Brass Ring!

Also matched it with a pair of Vampy Smooch Ear Studs!

Now you can FLIP YO HAIR and WHIP IT back and forth to show off your nice ear studs haha.

Same top, different style.

I rolled up the sleeves and matched this top with a high waisted shorts.
Now that your sleeves are up, you can match your outfit with armswags so your wrists wouldn't look empty!

Ring: Madison Spikes Ring (Black)
Bracelets: Tanya Beaded Bracelet Set

It's easier to match your accessories with a little black dress.

Here, I'm wearing Swander Stud Frock (mary julian) with Saybeh Aztec Necklace.
You can take off your necklace and match it with a simple studded bracelet too!

Bracelet: Lexia Reptile Stud Bracelet (Black)

Pullovers look the simplest (sometimes, way too simple for dressy days) but I LOVE them so much! So, on days when I'm feeling a little dressy, these accessories will be my fashion saviour haha.

Added these Navaeh Beaded Bracelet Set to my pullover. Look at how it becomes a statement piece to my entire outfit!

Pullover: Sailorette Duo Pullover (Tan) from mary julian

Matched a necklace to another pullover I have over here.

Perked up my style as a whole!

Necklace: Reid Aztec Necklace (Black)
Pullover: Pocket Slouch Pullover (Red) from Smitten

It's amazing how these tiny things play such important roles to our fashion and also change any outfit almost instantly!

You can get the clothes and accessories featured in this post from

Jipaban provides a huge variety of accessories and thanks to them, I have tons of accessories to play around with!

Now they have extended the offer to all of you!!
Just key in "Peishi20" to enjoy 20% off all their pretty accessories!

Get ready to shop :D !!

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  1. Hi Peishi! Just wondering where to get that Sailorette Duo Pullover of yours! I searched Jipaban and Mary Julian, but to no avail, can't find it :(((

    1. Hello! I think it's not out yet! Wait for it to come out! :D