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Haven't updated my blog with what went on in my life recently because my life is such a bore. Mugging (or not) for my tests which will be ending in three days' time! So excited for it to end omg.

Anyway, yesterday, Dee invited some of us for a big harlem shake video.

The sun was craycray and I swear it nearly killed me. But the pictures turn out nice haha. Sun is a good guy when it comes to photographs.

Jian hao looking gay under his fan sign. Or maybe like a douchebag with a lot of girls around him. #PLAYAAAA

It was nice to meet all of you! :D

Check out 987 Singapore Celebrity Harlem Shake video here and try spotting me!!

I was wearing a knitted top omfg it was the silliest choice.

Absolutely HATE it when I tilt my whole arm forward when I'm taking pictures. SO DAMN UGLY WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING.

Janice came down to find us after the filming of harlem shake.

And then we down to lepak at Marina bay.

Sting ray, carrot cake and lala for dinner with Jianhao, Bancho and Ridhwan.

I guess this is the best place for Singapore's night view haha. Really pretty! Reminds me of Hong Kong's Avenue of Star.

Few days back, I met up with some alphas I haven't met and churpers + nuffies for dinner.

Our dinner was at Paddington house of pancakes and it was bad.

I think this is called Oslo. It's a savoury pancake dish. About $18 and the pancakes are too soggy, smoked salmon not smoky enough. O_O Just...oh no.
Left more than half of the dish untouched omg.

Dollar pancake. Really pretty and this was quite good! I liked their peanut butter pancake too! I guess it's always safer to stick with sweet stuff when it comes to pancakes.

OH YES one more thing,
Jian Hao posted a video of me doing his makeup! :D
Remember to watch it HERE!
Didn't want to embed it 'cause the thumbnail is damn ugly HAHA.


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  1. I couldn't help but notice that guy with his tongue sticking out... one of his peace sign fingers looked really weird.