Human day

It was the 7th day of lunar new year, also known as 人日。So I guess it's called "Human Day" in English HAHAHA.

How was your ren ri?
I went to my daddy's boss's place to bai nian. Their house is sooooo gorgeous so I snapped a few pictures to share with all of you :D

The exterior!!

And taadang, a small section of the interior haha.

And then there's me and the stairs wtf.

And then there's my brother.

And then there's me again.

HAHA I have no idea what to type, I just to want to post the pictures.

Oh and I really like my skorts! Matches every single top so it's one of the mostly-worn skirt/shorts I have.

Aaaaand the pool. They have a jacuzzi at the side too! Too nice woohoo.

After that, I went home to pile on a whole lot of makeup and took hell a lot of pictures for two adverts. :D

Love y'all, have a good day! x

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  1. Holy mother of Jesus that is an AMAZING house. The sitting room is gorgeous it looks like it's out of a magazine!

  2. hi. can i ask what camera you using to take all this picture :D

  3. can i know what camera you using? :D

  4. ... *-* this house looks so nice.