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As most of you already know, I am NOT a sporty person.
Sports, meh, not my thing at all!

However, recently, I went for a trip to Awana Genting. It was very different from our usual trips to genting highlands - all the theme parks and snuggling in your hotel room.
We got to stay in a long house/tent located in the middle of the jungle, sit around the campfire at night, and do all sorts of vigorous exercises....which I'll show you later in this post. ;)

This trip reminds me of the camps I've been to in school, just that it's A WHOLE LOT BETTER.

I didn't put much makeup because the journey to Genting took us about 6 hours. And I was really lazy for the entire trip. I'm supposed to look sporty also. My logic is with makeup = more glam but less sporty xD

Awana Genting is not at the top of the mountain but at the center so it's not as cold!

At the Awana lobby!

Just touched down and had our lunch at Rajawali restaurant.

Here's a picture of my face, just in case you miss it. HAHAHAHA.

This is how Rajawali looks like!!

And their food~

We got back to the lobby entrance after satisfying our tummy as we need to take the buggy ride up to the long house, where we will be doing all our activities at!

One with Billy aka Blackalogy!

And another with Lydia! I get to bring a friend along so I packed her up and brought her along HAHA.

I snapped a few pictures on the buggy because I was really kiasu. It was my first time on a buggy!!

With the angmoh aka Nicshields!!

The long house is really quite a distance away from the Awana lobby!


THE LONG HOUSE!!! It was a lot prettier than what I've expected!!
We'll be sleeping here for the night. 

They laid out the tents for us already. Saved us the hassle. Yay nice people at Awana! :D
The weather was PERRRRFECT there. Soooooo comfortable.

We waited for everyone else to reach before Zul, the game master, starts to brief us with everything at the long house and the activities we'll be doing there!


Yes!!! It was THAT good. And I swear the weather was a BIG motivation for me to be sporty and do all the vigorous exercises because I wouldn't get too sweaty or smelly! LOVE.

The Game master brought us around so we'll know where everything will be at.
The toilets look like little huts.

Toilets were my biggest concern before I came. I was so scared the toilets will be very dirty but no, it was a lot cleaner than what I have expected and it's actually quite 'shiok' to bathe there haha.

We got back to the long house after that so the game master can assign us into groups and get ready for the activity of the day, treasure hunt.

We were put into four different groups by random and to be honest, I was very sad that I didn't get into a group with all my friends T _ T Boohoo. But still, it was fun knowing new people.

After grouping, they got the group leaders to assign a representative from each team for something.
I was the rep and I didn't know what was going on so I walked forward and.....

....they told us that we're supposed to lead everyone to a short exercise before we start the treasure hunt. SAY WHAT?!

So this is me..doing gangnam style in front of everyone. Time for me to dig a hole and hide!

After that, all of us got to do chicken dance before the actual activity starts!

We can all see that Billy was having a great time. HAHAHA.

Nic said something funny here LOL. "I hope nobody sees me doing this chicken dance."
Sorry Nic. :D

I look extra tiny there 'cause everyone else are so big.
.....What do you mean I'm always that tiny?! :(

Zul briefed the team leaders while the rest of us...


Apparently, the group with the most points wins!

First task: Complete three of the puzzles.

One of the puzzles we've completed.

Completed the first task and for the second task, we got to find our way to the eco park, before we get to know what the actual task will be!

So we made our way to ecopark (it was honestly quite a distance away from the long house homg)!
I was damn active HAHAHA so I ran all the way there like FLASH lol.



WOOHOO!!! *throws confetti* Flying fox is my absolute favourite high element.

Second task: Get on the flying fox and aim your golf balls at the hula hoops placed below.

We get to have two golf balls each and we need to get the balls in the hula hoops!

All geared up for the flying fox!


*throws golf ball*

And I managed to get one of them into the hula hoop. APPLAUSE PLEASE.

One of my team member managed to get the ball into a hoop too!! Awesome team mate is awesome. *fist bump*

For the next task, we need to find our way to the carpark at Awana's Lobby!
Ran all the way there and our third task was..

Third task: Rock climbing and archery

It's not a joke when you hear people calling me SPIDERMAN (or girl. Whichever you prefer) LOL.
Mission accomplished. Managed to touch the bar.
It looks easy but if you're afraid of height, your legs will be trembling like mad! D:

All my team mates managed to score 100 points for this!

Next, archery!

With my team mates, ready to shoot the board down ;)

And this is when I unleashed the KATNISS EVERDEEN in me.
Just kidding. I suck at this lol. Only managed to get two arrows on the board (and nowhere near the red and yellow) LOL!

Fourth task: Answer the questionnaire and take pictures with the cow monument, a white buggy, the largest golf ball and the Awana lobby logo!

We didn't have enough time to complete this task as we need to get back to the long house by 5:30pm!

I was like "Thank god.." 'cause it was raining very heavily and I was already half dead from being overly hyperactive HAHA. It was REALLY fun though!

We got back to the long house for dinner at the Pasar Ikan Bakar!
And that's when I get to catch up with my friends again woohoo~

Very atas right!!!


Look at all these good food they've prepared for us!!


My buddies for this trip! Super love them but I have to blame them for the muscle aches at my tummy because I laughed too much lol.

Took a short rest and changed at the long house before the night activity!

Before the campfire, there was an activity for us.
We got to eat two sticks of ice cream and throw the ice cream sticks into the box provided.
IT WAS FREEZING COLD AT NIGHT so it was a definitely a big challenge for us. O_O"

And there it goes!

The ice cream wouldn't even melt in our mouth because it was really really cold at night!!!

My team didn't manage to score in this game though HAHAHA FOL.

Time for the campfire!

Campfire's burning in the dark dark night, oooooh yeah, yippy yippy yeah~

My bracelets and wand LOL.

There were a few activities lined up for us during the campfire!
First game was like the classic "Pass-the-present" game! We have to pass the balloon around and the person holding the balloon when the music stops got to pop the balloon, take the note that is in the balloon, and do the dare in the note!

Bad luck Peishi has bad luck.
I got to do the dare twice!!!!

A dare was to act like I'm in a hair commercial and the other dare I got was to bark a christmas song. T _ T

BUT! I managed to fetch additional points for my team. Not so bad after all huh! ;D

After that, it started raining a little so we got to bring the whole campfire indoor.
HAHAHA. Without the campfire itself, of course.

The haze got a lot heavier at night! Super love haze 'cause it makes everything look a lot more romantic. *_*

Everybody else got so tired after the activities but we were still pretty active so we stayed up till 3am in the morning.

We got way too hungry at night so we walked to Pasar Ikan Bakar at night and asked if there were still food LOL!!!
Aaaaaaand it was a night to remember. ;D

Next morning! Breakfast at Pasar Ikan Bakar.

Look at the guys, looking half-dead. LOL. MAN UP A BIT PLEASE!!

My stomach's growling now. Not a good time for me to look at all these yummy food!

We booked three tents downstairs even though we didn't manage to sleep in them last night xD
Decided to snuggle in our tents before going for the last few games of the trip!

Stretching like we're preparing to win the olympic gold medal.

Everybody's breathing in normally, except Billy. Hahaha he's like preparing to fly or something. Cannot get over the chicken dance yesterday.

First game, big wooden slippers!
Super difficult to walk in these I swear!! :(

Team one got stuck so they got to move the tree away. #BadluckTeamOne

Anyway, I fell on my knees during this game.

Which explains why I looked so traumatized when everyone else were blowing their balloons for the next game HAHAHAHAHA.

Everything's fine actually!

DENG! With my team mate :D

Next game!

I was the last to go and our team was last so I was the last of all the last. LOL.

Got back indoor for more indoor games after that!

And as for the very last challenge, each team was to come up with a 30 seconds cheer!

Brainstorming for a 30 seconds cheer very seriously. *nods*

This is team three performing their cheer!!

After the cheer was the MOMENT OF GLORY for the winners.
There were only four teams and my team got third -cough-! Still good, still good!
Team four got first and team three was the second!
We all get a prize in the end so all of us are winners :D :D :D

Good job, everyone!!

All the Evangelist for this trip!

All the Alphas!

And us with Huixian and Jayne!

Me, Huixian, Esther, Jayne.

Nic, Billy and Lydia!

I tip-toed HAHAHA. With the very nice Justin, from Awana Genting!

So......we packed for home after all that. :( Boohoo.

Took a van back to Awana's lobby for lunch at Rajawali!

The prawn mee was....GOOOOOOOD.

We still had a little time after lunch so Justin brought us to the lobby lounge for a short pool session.

I wanted to camwhore alone at the mirror then this random angmoh walked over. xD

Finally gets to take a picture of myself until.....

This random dude sneaked from behind me.


I'm so bad at this thing.

I had so much fun at Awana Genting!!! Thank you so much for having me! :D
Thank you Jayne and Huixian for the pictures! Thank you Nuffnang!

I miss Genting already homg I want to go back again! *___*

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