Let's walk down the memory lane - 2012

Finally found time to sit down and write this lengthy blog post on 2012.
Many things happened this year. 2012 passed by really quickly. I know everybody's gonna say this but I really cannot believe 2012 is coming to an end!
I compiled some pictures from this year and decided to put them all together to see what I've went through.
I love to see all the thick and thins I've been through this year so I can remind myself to be strong and continue doing what I really like.

2012 has been a really interesting year because this is the year where I achieved and definitely improved the most.

Here's a summary of 2012, from the very beginning.

I met Rachell, Noah and Naomi last year so during the start of 2012, we became a lot closer and hung out quite a bit :D

Attended the 'We not naughty' movie premiere earlier this year and Noah was anticipating to meet Jack Neo HAHA (and now he's in a JN film).

One of the highlights this year is definitely a video Rachell and I made that went (kind of) viral!

Typical Singaporean Parents!
It was on Xin Ming Newspaper in Singapore, after that, was brought to Hong Kong's Apple Daily lol.

Apple daily changed it to the Cantonese version LOL.

After that was the Nuffnang Birthday Party!
It was my first time attending Nuffnang's birthday party and I met Xiaxue and Qiuqiu there too!

The picture on the bottom right is when Noah actually knelt down when the singer was singing "Marry you" WTF. (No there's nothing between us, I just happen to have a friend with a kuku brain. HAHAHA)

Went for a Jipaban Photoshoot for the Editor's of the Month page!
It was also my first actual photoshoot HAHAHA.

That's also when I joined the Churpchurp family as an Alpha!

Another highlight of the year is definitely....
Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!
Just in case you're a new reader, this is a contest Rachell and I joined back in April!

It was one of the many things that bonded Rachell and I a lot. :')

The most important thing is......-cough-...

Makes me tear a little on the inside every time I see this. T _ T

We won ourselves a larger than life-size banner in the lifts of Cineleisure Orchard.
One of the most glorious things in my life haha.
I remember I was so excited to see our big faces in the lifts.

Rachell and I also attended this amazing race back then!
We nearly died half way through the race HAHAHA but we had fun and did a lot of stupid things together.

Like doing a dramatic payphone live cover for bonus points LOL.
Or act like we're in a 007 movie after completing the first challenge xD

Later that month, I met my new nails sponsor!

I don't have to post this but....I met a lot of Furbies this year.

HAHAHAHAHA I was honestly very amazed 'cause they are sooo cute.

And Hasbro gave all of us a Furby! That's when I got my orange Furball.

Oh yes! I went to film for Reelity Showdown this year too!

And I got stuck on the high element lol. It was very fun though HAHAHA. You can watch the video at reelity.tv !

Attended Nelly Furtado's concert. :)

And I had completely no idea who Nelly Furtado is back then LOL....Churp2 sponsored the tickets :D

Made my first visit to a fillers clinic this year. BUT I didn't do any fillers LOL. Also another Nuffnang event!

After that comes my BIRTHDAY!!

My lovely classmates made me a super duper big card :D So loved.

OH OH OH and I went to Genting twice this year HAHA.

Later that month, I visited Hong Kong with my family too!

Made my first ever trip to my favourite place on Earth - Disneyland!

Visited Macau (another place I've been dying to visit)!

And the Ocean Park in HK!

Halloween in 2012 wasn't very very special but I've never celebrated or joined any events during halloween before. So....this is my very first HAHA.

Deadly ever after at Sentosa.

In 2012, I wore a Yukata and went on stage to be KOSE's model. O_O
Thank you KOSE for putting your trust in my face HAHAHA.

I swear there are a lot of 'first time' in 2012 lol. Virgin trip to USS!

Made a lot of new friends later this year too!

AND I even cat-walked on stage in front of the amazing gyaru icon, Tsubasa Masuwaka!

And met her in person...

Recently, Nuffnang brought me to Awana Genting too! Haven't blog about this yet but it was a really special and memorable trip indeed.

This year's Christmas eve was a very different one as well! :)

I am so so so so so so grateful.
Thank you everyone who made my 2012 very different and interesting! :)

People I've met in 2012. I'm sorry if I miss your face out. It's probably because I don't have any decent picture of you T _ T

And I will never forget to mention this amazing bitch, Wanteng. Thanks for being there for me all the time, though we rarely have time for each other these days!

So many things happened in 2012. It's impossible to summarize everything into a post.
Leaving all the shits behind and taking all the lovely things along with me to 2013.

Ending this post with the pictures I screenshot from my iPhone!
Everything in 2012. I rarely delete any pictures off my phone so you can look through closely to see my bare face pictures or things I've never posted before. See can already okay! Don't purposely zoom in or save it HAHAHA.
This is the BEST way to look through what have happened because I bring my phone EVERYWHERE and take pictures of almost everything haha.

Are your eyes tired already?



HAHAHAHAHA I doubt most of you went through every single picture right!!!


Can't wait to unveil all the little surprises in 2013.

Thank you so much for staying and reading my blog. Really grateful to have all of you as my readers/followers.
Thank you so much for your support. I really really really love all of you. From the very bottom of my heart. x


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