Catwalk down the runway.

Hello everyone! It has been a while.

I've received some pictures of me on the runway the other day for the contest so I thought I should share some here.

Pictures credit: Photographer Noriaki 

It was my first time doing catwalk on a stage. Definitely was an awkward experience lol.
Furthermore, the billon dollar gyaru, TSUBASA MASUWAKA was looking omfg.

That's a picture of me and my usual makeup look on the screen!

Look at all the cameras......They were at a very horrible angle so I think everyone saw my double chin and fat face. PFT!!

The interview on stage. They asked about my age because I was the youngest contestant!

A few days ago, I went to Awana Genting with my friend and with Billy and Nic!! :D
Here's a quick sneak peek for all of you! Can't wait to show all of you the post!

It was hella fun!!!

Love you! Will be back soon. x

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