Review: Kose Brilliant Liquid Eye colour

It's been donkey years ago since I did reviews.
About a month back, KOSE gave me some cosmetics but I haven't get to use their products.

Recently, I've managed to try most of the products and I have to say....
...I really like them!!
Especially the lipsticks because the colours match my skin tone really well.

The lipsticks they sent me are PK 853 and RD 440 from the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge series.
I heard there are serum ingredients (Wtf!!) inside the lipstick so it moisturizes our lips as well!
It's almost impossible to apply normal lipsticks on my lips nicely because my lips are horribly chapped!!
That explains why I love the Esprique bright lasting rouge series. (I've featured one of them in my 'What's in my bag' video)
The Esprique bright lasting rouge series is retailing at $39 each.

Anyway, the product I wanted to review today is the KOSE Esprique brilliant liquid eye colour!
In Layman's term, glitter eyeshadow in liquid form!

I haven't try all the colours yet so I'm going to review the one I've tried - SV 051 - Silver!

During the press conference for Tsubasa Look-alike contest, Tsubasa Masuwaka came to shake hands with all of us (purposely want to add this in hahahaha) and I noticed that she has glitter around her eyes.
I think the glitter she used is the silver lame glitter from Candydoll, which is sort of like loose glitter.

I don't have any cosmetics glitter so I took these to try on the day of the contest. AND IT WORKS REALLY WELL!

It comes in a container like that, similar to a lip gloss! The tip of the applicator is like a lip gloss's too!

Here's a tiny dot on my hand as a swatch.
After blending...

DENG! It looks more like light shimmers in the picture but it's actually really glittery!
I used very very very little around my eyes because lame glitter doesn't come off as thick.
A tiny bit goes a long way! By tiny bit I mean like a quarter of what I've applied above lol.
It's quite difficult to blend so you have to apply bit by bit if you don't want everything to come off crazy thick!

It's retailing at $36 each. 
You should be able to get these from KOSE makeup counter!

Anyway, I cleared out some old cosmetics and arranged my cosmetics drawers yesterday!! :D

From here, you can see the lipsticks I've talked about above!! :D

Another drawer is still kind of messy because my drawer is too small. -cough-

I randomly stacked everything and shoved some at the back. For the extra products I have, I store them at the top shelf in my room. :D

I love all my cosmetics though I don't use all of them all the time! It makes me happy just by looking at them.
They remind me of all the nice things around me and make me feel extra extra grateful. :') Probably because they are all from different places.

Anyway, three new eyeshadows from Dollywink! I'm thinking of reviewing them when I'm less lazy! I really like this series!! The colours are madddddd gorgeous.

Love you all and thank you so much for reading!!! ♥

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  1. I've been wondering about Esprique, since they have a foundation brush that's rated quite high on cosme. I'm looking forward to your Dolly Wink review on the new shadows *~*

  2. would love it if you could do an updated makeup collection video ~ :)