Relaxing with a cuppa - L'etoile

You don't know how much I LOVE pretty little cafes.
No crowd, no noises - Exactly what I've been yearning for.

Visited this place that is inspired by the indie cafes in Japan.

L'etoile Cafe
106 Owen Road 
Singapore 218953

It's located near Farrer Park MRT station. About 5 minutes walk from there!

I think they used to open only on certain days but now, they are open daily.

We got up to the second floor because there were more seats upstairs.

Super comfortable place to be in. Lovely place to just sit down and chill a bit.

Sat there the entire evening with my bestie and talked about everything.

They have hand-writtened menus!! Amazing enough. I wouldn't be THAT patient to draw everything out.

One thing I dislike is that I have to picture how the food looks like in life, since there are no actual pictures of the food on the menu.
I'll definitely prefer seeing pictures of their food on the menu instead. :(

You can gauge the price of their food from the picture above!

Their coffees are about $4 and above.

I ordered Macchiato to perk me up a little. I woke up at 5am that day for school!

Macchiato is actually espresso + milk :D It was pretty good. That small cup kept me awake up till now O_O

The food I ordered was...

Smoked Duck Sandwich - $13.90
It's not very good. I was expecting something a little more unique.

Pan Seared Dory - $16.90
I tried a bit of this and I find the fish REALLY tender. Yum :D

Some pictures taken at L'etoile.

My face. In your face.
Did really really thin makeup that day. Lazy day. Bum bum bum~

It's pretty fun to explore everywhere just to look for hidden gems like this because I'm really bored of the usual places that we always hang around at.

Outfit of that day.

Sit down and have a cup of coffee with your friends. You'll probably prefer doing that after a while :D.

Anyway, I'm super thankful to have a friend who is willing to help me snap any picture, anywhere! Thank you Wanteng :D

Love y'all.

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