What's in my wallet?

You have been requesting for the "What's in my ..." posts/videos so I'll start off with one of the most important things in my life, MY WALLET.

Honestly, I didn't want to do any of these posts because they will turn out really boring but since you asked for it.... might as well! :D

Oh yes, I got my formspring back up! If you have anything that you're dying to know, ask on my formspring! BUT, I won't be answering the repeated ones, sorry!

I was checking my formspring the other day and realized a lot of you asked about my wallet!

It's from Victoria's Secret!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH.
If I'm not wrong, it should be about $166.
Yes, it's my OWN money - before you leave nasty comments.

This is how it looks like inside!! HOT PINK. NICE.

Here's what I have at the front compartment.

My preferred card for Seoul Garden. I won this from their contest back then and I have no idea if it's expired or not. Probably expired lol.
Two Starbucks cards. One from a friend and the other I won from another contest HAHA.
Blue Timezone card. Cineleisure gave it to Rachell and I. (Anyway, it's empty -_-)

At the compartment for cash, I threw in some movie passes from Cathay :) Just in case.

I'll skip the money part LOL.
More cards inside - I/C, ATM card.
Kopitiam card and The Face Shop card a friend gave me.

I have a lot of rubbish in my wallet.
Some name cards that I keep, tickets from Disneyland/other events.
Loyalty cards from some froyo shops and random vouchers!

Aaaaand I put my coins at the back LOL.

Boring as hell because my life is boring as hell.

Anyway, I'm looking for a hair sponsor!
Contact me - speishi@hotmail.com if you're interested.

B-Y-E :D

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  1. Where did you bought it at ?

  2. Hi, like this article a lot.
    Since when do you have the wallet? Did you notice any wear and tear or does it keep nicely?