Dum dee dum.

Putting all the pictures I took these days into a post :D

The other day, I went on a field trip with my classmates at Changi Airport!
It was on the same day as the cafe post so my outfit's the same!!

Both nay and yay for field trips.
Happy because we get to roam around outside but sad because I got to wake up crazy early!! We got to reach the airport at 8am so I woke up at 5am to prepare. T _ T

With some of my new classmates.
Yes, I'm in an 'all-girls + one guy' class. LOL. Lucky guy. I know.

 Some of the girls from my class, and cool facilitator at the back HAHA.

Ah yes, we got to Harbourfront after the airport. :D

Quite lifeless to blog about my school trip omfg.

Met up with Billy for a while after that! Thank you so much for accompanying me else I'll have to roam around like a hobo for 4 hours because I'm meeting Wanteng for dinner!!

Wanteng and I headed to L'etoile after that (refer to previous post) then we got to Plaza Sing to shop for a while because we didn't feel like going home yet.

By awesome I mean they have the clothes I REALLY LIKE. Like the clothes in vivi/popteen but really really expensive :(

Wanteng tempted me to eat Stingray so.....
impromptu trip to the Kopitiam opposite Cine for it.

That meal wasn't good :( The sambal tasted funny and the stingray is sooo small.

The other time, we went there to order a small stingray and the uncle asked me "Xiao mei, you like stingray? Uncle give you bigger one!" After that, he served us a freaking big piece of stingray (should be the large one) but we only paid $10 for the small one LOL.

Wanteng said it might be because I went there without my makeup this time round so the uncle didn't give us a bigger piece. BITCH LOL.
But meh, really was super small. Not even enough for the two of us.

Anyway, the next day, I couldn't wake up for school so I attended the Guess event in the late afternoon to support Rachell!

Lunch that day was Kimchi Clams hotpot from Seoul Garden.

Quite good because I managed to finish the bowl of rice even though I've already eaten before this. By eaten I mean a bowl of Japanese curry rice wtf.

For desserts, ice cream!

We asked about their cupcake ice cream ($5.90) and the guy at the counter told us there is this one for one sale going on. So.....both of us got our own cupcake ice cream :D

Alright, that's about it. Ending off with my face HAHAHA.

Anyway, I'm going to this Kose event tomorrow and Sunday at 313 Somerset Atrium as their model for the makeover! 3-5pm! Drop by to say hi if you want! ^_^


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  1. OMG all your classmates are super well-dressed. All of you girls have such amazing sense of style and you take such lovely photographs.

    Have an amazing weekend, Peishi! :) x

    ♡, Fatima fashionpilgrim
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim