It's time for a......(closed)

Winners for giveaway: 

@IAMCLARAAAA for the Cosmetics!


@TongenTony for the movie tickets!

CONGRATS! I hope you like the items and make full use of them :D ♥ 


Hey lovelies!!!!
What is up lately? :D

I've been really busy in school so I haven't blog as much.
So thankful for all the readers who will always stick around even when I have no updates!!

And.....look at what I'm holding??
Can you guess it already?!


This is for the girls again because they are all cosmetics and fragrances! :)

The goodies in this giveaway...

1) Playboy body mist - Play it sexy
2) Mini cupcake lip balm (I GOT THIS FROM HONG KONG)
3) ParaDo Eyeshadow quart (I GOT THIS FROM MACAU)
4) Instant Eyeshadow - 3 pieces
5) Moisturizing face mask - Sexy Look

I LOVE that ParaDo eyeshadow 'cause it's SUPER pigmented and the colours are gorgeous *_* I'm using the neutral tone one!!! It's made it Japan too. ;)

I promised to do a giveaway for guys but I have no idea what to buy for guys so.....

I prepared FOUR movie passes for ONE male winner!!
You can watch ANY movies (no 3D, Hindi, Tamil) from ANY Cathay cinema.

For this giveaway, we'll have TWO winners, ONE GIRL will get the cosmetics set and ONE GUY will get that four movie tickets!!


1) Tweet ANYTHING you like with the hashtag #speishi AND my blog URL!! :D

Example: "I want to win the giveaway on #speishi 's blog!!"!

2) FOLLOW me on Instagram and/or Twitter! (@speishi)

DONE!! I'll choose two (a guy + a girl) using the fruit machine AKA random machine!
Which also means the more you tweet, the higher the chance. 

Giveaway closed :D

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  1. is this opened to international?

  2. Open locally or internationally?

  3. Hi Pei Shi :) I love your blog so much !! ^^ btw what lens do you use in this post ?? thank you :)

  4. is this international?

  5. Tutorial on nose contouring please ? :D

  6. Tweet-
    Following you on Twitter as @amyorvin

    P.S. I hope this giveaway is International, I am from the USA!