Just a really short post!!

I ran home to take some pictures for my new banner the other day! I wanted to rent a studio to snap but I got really lazy during the holidays so I didn't managed to.

Why do I always do things at the very last minute... T _ T

But anyway, here is a quarter of the picturesssss I took just for my banner the other day!

They all look kind of alike so I put them all in a collage. :D
Wanted something different from my usual look so you won't get bored of my banner easily LOL. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I was reading my older blog posts. I looked so happy in my posts but somehow, I tend to remember all the little bit of things behind every post. Those that I never write out. Those that I chose not to post or talk about on my blog.

A lot of things happened these 3 or 4 months. Can't state them all here 'cause there are too much to say and some are rather personal. I really enjoyed these months 'cause I learned a lot. I got to enjoy my big banner up on the lifts in Cineleisure with Rachell for these three months too! Touched to see how many people actually supported us. (And I hope people who vandalized our banner will burn in hell.) Very grateful.

I tend to ask myself A LOT of questions and reflect a lot at night, before I fall asleep.
The other day, I thought of my grandpa. I subconsciously asked him a lot of questions before I fell asleep. He was someone so dear to me so I tend to have these thoughts sometimes, especially at night. Had a weird dream. Can't remember what I exactly dreamed of but I really miss my grandpa.

I guess that's probably all for this post. :)

Lunch during the last day in Hong Kong! Miss HK already :D

Bolo Bun. Got bored of it on the last day :X HAHAHA LUCKILY.

Ate a fried pigeon thing too and it's god damn yummy. LOL..

Alright love y'all bye.
Giveaway still going on :D 

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  1. I remember eating the fried pigeon in HK many years back ! boi it was so goood ;D thought it was chicken at first. HAHA