A boost to your outfit.

Accessories are sooooo important to my outfit.
They will instantly make us look a lot dressier, like we spent a lot of time ransacking our wardrobe to mix and match the outfit but in fact, we merely threw a few accessories on!

Look at the plain cropped top on the left!
I hate to wear a same top over and over but if I can find a way to make it look different, why not!?
Necklaces can make a huge difference to our plain top. Immediately turned my old plain cropped top into something a lot.....edgier?

Necklace from Jipaban: Rocco Aztec Necklace

(Loving my top!)

Necklaces don't usually match tops with complicated prints so I got bracelets to match my top instead!
That pop of pink makes my outfit a lot less dull. :D

Bracelets from Jipaban: Love-War bracelet set (Punk)
                                       Nano Spikes bracelet (Mod)

Wearing a white sleeveless top so I got colourful bracelets to bring up the entire look!
LOVE these arm candies!!!

Bracelets from Jipaban: Rainbow Spikes Bracelet
                                       Stretchy Skull Bracelet (Rainbow)

So pampered by Jipaban! I'm loving all the accessories, THANK YOU!! ♥

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  1. Where did you buy your tribal top? The second one.