Deadly Ever After

Halloween is around the corner and there are lots and lots of haunted trail and houses prepared for all of us!
Rachell brought me to this Halloween trail at Sentosa 4D Magix the other day.

It's called the "Deadly Ever After"! Apparently, it is about a girl called Ah Ling, who got chosen to marry a ghost called "Xiao Ming" (Xiao Ming is everywhere lol).
After that, Ah Ling impregnated Xiao Ming's child, which means the child is half ghost, half human.
She went berserk because of that got to walk the trail to find out what exactly happen to Ah Ling.

Anyway, we took the cable car over for the haunted trail!

I was expecting something in the cable car. Like something freaky but there's nothing...yet xD

Sentosa from the cable car!

There were a lot of ghosts roaming around before we reach the queue for the actual trail!
Creepy doctors and skeletons everywhere~

KOAS with Donna and Ding Xuan :D

This girl is super freaky!! There were a lot of 'ghosts' walking around and scaring all the people waiting at the queue but none of them beat this freaky lady hahaha. She touched our arms!!! The last thing we can ever ever ever tolerate is a ghost touching us lol.

Very foggy there. Didn't notice because it was very dark. :O

Left is with flash, right is without. The shutter mode is soooo slow without flash 'cause of the red lights. I look drunk on the right LOL.

I didn't know we can take pictures in the haunted trail so I didn't manage to take pictures in there! Just a few at the end!! I was very lazy to take out my camera as well so if you want to see more pictures, go to Rachell's blog :D

Took some pictures near the end of the trail......

The pregnant Ah Ling. Quite disgusting lol.

BUT!!!! The best makeup award for the Deadly Ever After trail goes to.......




LOL. So er xin!!!!!! Reminds me of Chucky. And I hate Chucky.

I have no idea what's going on here.

The ending! The paper dolls are quite creepy.

Personally, I feel that the trail is more to gory than scary!
There are a few scary parts but I'm more to disgusted by the gory effects!
If you like gory things, this trail is definitely FOR YOU SICK-MINDED PEOPLE LOL.

They provided buffet for us at the end :D Very nice. At least can calm self down a little before boarding the cable car back HAHAHA.

Ending off with a picture of the pretty ladies!!! 

HAHA I didn't say I'm included in the 'pretty ladies' ah!!!!

I'm so into freaky things this Halloween. I'm dying for more haunted trails!
Thinking of going to the one at scape! Tell me how it is if you've been there already!!!! :D


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  2. Omg was reading this post in the middle of the night and it really freak me out. :/