Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Before I head to bed, I thought I should blog about OCEAN PARK first! We went to Ocean Park on the fourth day, so it was after Disneyland and Macau!

Like I said in Macau's post, we're supposed to go to Ocean park on the third day (was a Sunday) but it was wayyyy to crowded so we changed our plan.

I really really really liked Disneyland but I heard from some that Ocean park is a lot better than Disneyland! Naturally, I'll have super high expectations for Ocean park so I got a little disappointed in the end :x

In the morning, we got to a Dim sum restaurant near our hotel for breakfast!

I don't know about you but I really like Xiao Long Pao!!!! :D

Chee Cheong Fan. Wasn't fantastic. MEH ONLY hahaha.

Shrimp Siew Mai. Not bad.

Took the MTR and bus down to Ocean Park! 

My family and I without my elder brother!
I have two siblings, just in case you guys always thought that I'm the only child LOL.

Ocean park is actually something like the Singapore's underwater world (but a lot bigger lol) + any random theme park O_O I'm not a fan of animals but it was good!
But still not anything as good as Disneyland, I feel.

Hello Paul's friend!!!

We got to this underwater world first, before we went to the theme park.

Amazing. So many fishes O_O

I know it's not the right time for me to say this now but...I'm craving for chilli crabs. #JustSaying BAHAHAHA.

 Crazy big aquarium.

They have a souvenirs shop right outside all their exhibitions. This is the underwater world exhibition so the souvenirs shop is more or less underwater world themed.

Chubby and fluffy baby seals!!! :D

Went to see pandas and monkeys but they are soooo inactive!! Only managed to snap a picture of a sleeping panda -_-"

The thrilling rides are on the mountain so we took the cable car up!

Bumped into a few friends on the way there! Say hi to Mr skeleton! :D

There were a lot of scary rides but they were not open 'cause we went on a Monday!! I think it's only available on weekends, which probably explains why that Sunday was so packed! :(

Yummy cuttlefish!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

There's this old Hong Kong street at the road towards the cable car station.
I honestly find it very....eerie.

Just look at that!!! Wtf why got funeral flowers one omfg.

Finally reached the cable car station! NO QUEUE at all!

Didn't know we're so far away from the other part of the theme park.

The weather was crazy hot but luckily the other part of the theme park is at the mountain! Feels a bit like Genting up there but not as cold LOL.

Got to the 'North Pole' area first! Visited the Penguins exhibition!


It was about 10 degrees celcius in there. Super cold and I didn't bring my jacket!

Ran out of that place right after I snapped that picture! SOOOOO COLDDDD.

At the Souvenirs shop. And. This. Is. My. Parents. Camwhoring. LOL

I really liked this hat!! SO FLUFFY!! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FLUFFY THERE!!!!?

After that, we got to one of the best exhibitions so far... T _ T


Just look at that tail omfg!! AHHHHH.

Took this with the pin hole effect on my camera!!

WAHHH got feel one!!!! *_*

Outside this exhibition (or maybe another one but heck it), there's this card thing that they laid out on the table. Everybody ignored it but I was super curious so I took it up and read it.

Then I held it up to the TV like this...

And the Earth appeared lol. Everybody stopped and stared HAHAHA. See the angmohs behind!!

Giant Polar Bear!

AND THE WHITE FOXES. But not fluffy and a lot uglier LOL.

I didn't take pictures of the roller coasters but this is one of the best rides in Ocean park!


We went to the Jellyfish exhibition as well. Took quite a lot of pictures there but they all look very disgusting so I don't want to post them up xD

We went to watch the seals and dolphins show!! Not very impressive. Quite boring actually :X

Took some short clips of the show so... no pictures!

Got back down after the show. Same street, but at night.

There's this fireworks show at the fountain! Not very impressed, again! HAHAHA I really don't think Ocean Park is anything better than Disneyland!
The rides are so far away from each other, it kills me just to walk from one ride to another.
I had fun though! The rides were good but not anything special.

The underwater carousel!! I'M ON A SEAHORSE ^_^

We left right after the fireworks show! Taped the entire thing down. I'll post it up when I'm less lazy :X

Dinner that night! SUPER YUMS but we ordered way too much for four tiny tummies.

So that's all for my 5D4N in Hong Kong! Four posts because I didn't take any pictures on the last day!

I hope you like them as much as I do!! :)

My Hong Kong Haul video HERE. Just in case you haven't watch it yet. 


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  1. Glad that you changed your Nuffnang comment box.

    Btw, I wonder if you can do a blog post on drawing brows ? Please :)

  2. hey whats ur height n weight? :)

  3. Hello there (: Omg your blog posts really really makes me want to visit Hong Kong again! Went last year but didn't manage to go to Ocean Park D: Love your blog btw ^^

  4. very nice photos! i do agree disneyland is better and more magical! :)

  5. Hey Speishi,

    Great post! We really think Ocean Park is worth a visit and have written a post about it. Do check it out yah?

    Happy Travels!