Jipaban - Accessories, bags and shoes!

Super happy to shop at Jipaban because there are so many shops in a website! :D

(Top from candy stripper! WO HEN XI HUAN!!)

How can anyone not love studs! Haha I'm such a studs-lover I actually got myself two of this bracelet.

One mint and one black :D

Anyway, I was looking for neon bracelets but I couldn't find any nice ones.
So happy to find this skull and peace neon bracelet from Jipaban!

One is a bit more loose than the other because I took out the beads and fixed them back into a smaller bracelet. Missed out one bead for the peace one so it looks tighter lol.

More neon accessories! No more boring old black moustaches hahaha.

Some of the shoes from Jipaban!
This pair of Nicki Platform Boots are soooo pretty I cannot get my eyes off them. *_*

It gives me the height that I yearn for HAHAHA.

Anyway, that camera strap is also from Jipaban! Papier Rever :)

This pair of shoes IS DA BOMB. Wtf. It's not entirely flats because the base of the shoe is quite thick! It's MAD comfortable to walk in. O_O

 Dust Pink drawstring bag! It's the right size for me. :D

Go shop go shop now!


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  1. Where do u get your grey jeans from?

    1. It's from my brother! I don't know where he got it from x(

    2. haha ok, thanks anyway :)

  2. Where do you get your contact lenses?