Sorry but this is going to be a SUPER short post.
Just want to show you some of the things I bought online :D

I love Wakatsuki Chinatsu's stuff because they are all so cute!
I bought one of their tops and it is mad comfy so I bought another one. NEED TO GET MORE.
Love Candy Stripper's things too!! Like Kyary pamyu pamyu's style. All the eyeballs and skeleton and funky things. :D

Also got some socks for my boots. I realized they wouldn't be visible in my boots but I must get pretty ones so I will feel pretty wtf. Got some floral socks from Peter Rabbit!

I will be blogging soon after I snap some photos haha.
See you guys soon muah! xoxo

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  1. So cute! Loving your purchases. :D
    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Where did you get w<3c stuff at? Thanks

  3. How do you shop there since the site is entirely in Japanese? :)

  4. Where did you get the Wakatsuki Chinatsu shirt from? Thanks ;)