A happy day out.

It was a happy day for me!
Actually, I was feeling a bit down because most of my closer friends went overseas! I don't know what's so special on that day.
But anyway, I am stuck here because I have my exams on Monday. PFFT!

Since it's a weekend, my parents brought me and my little sister to National Museum of Singapore!
My new shoes that I got from Vincci at Johor Premium Outlets. 

It is definitely my first time there because I'm not a 'museum' kind of person. I like museums, but it really depends on what kind of museum that is HAHA. I enjoy interesting museums like "Ripley's Believe it or not". Not sure about you but I find that museum extremely amusing lol.

Daddy managed to get tickets for us to visit the living and history galleries in the museum but somehow, that day turned out to be an open house day so we didn't use our tickets at all.

The museum is gorrrrrrgeous. *___*

A random spiral staircase. Not allowed to walk on it but it's picture-worthy so... xD

I didn't know we are allowed to take photos in museums so I didn't manage to take much photos.
But after that, I snapped a few pictures because the signs wrote "No Flash, No Video, No Food" - which means we are allowed to take photos but without flash...I guess! x)

The photography gallery!

We got to a special gallery called "The Wedding Dress" as well. They feature wedding dressed up to 200 years old!
The entry fee is supposed to be $11 but it's open house that day so free admission!

One of the prettiest dress in the whole gallery....


So yes, I only managed to take pictures from two galleries out of the many that I got into.
National Museum is quite interesting! They have living food galleries, fashion galleries, wayang and film galleries... All the vintage things from Singapore. It will be good to check them out if you haven't been there yet. :D

The 3D art at the center of the museum. Failed attempt 'cause we blocked the important part of the art piece lol.

After that, we went to Liang Court for dinner!! YIPPEE. If you're a new reader, Liang Court is one of my favourite shopping centre because most of the things there are from Japan. They have my favourite family restaurant, Saizeriya, and the Japanese Supermarket, Meidi-Ya!!

Yes, my dinner is at Saizeriya again! I'll skip the review since I've blogged about Saizeriya for a million time. You might want to browse my older posts for the review.

Finally went to Meidi-Ya for my mentaiko goodies!! YUM YUM I love anything Mentaiko. I haven't try the actual mentaiko yet but so far ALL the mentaiko flavoured food are delicious!!

Daddy brought us to IMM after that so I went to Daiso again :D
Got the mild milk tea that I thought tasted pretty good.
I also bought some clothes from cotton-on.

That's all for my happy day.

Also, I thought I should share this video by bubzbeauty with all of you.
Secrets of Truly happy people.
This is one of the videos/posts that inspired to type out my previous post.
Actually, I've been contemplating if I should blog about certain things because it might turn out to be like the 'talk about happiness' videos or blog posts around. I drafted that post gazillion years ago but it was too short and awkward to be posted.
Since I wanted to talk about my own experiences, I decided to add in some popular quotes on the internet.
Please do watch the video as it's very meaningful.


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  1. Looks like you had fun. Love your outfit by the way. =)


  2. The museum looks amazing O.o
    the wedding dresses are so pretty!