First September

Even though it's just the first day of September, I'm loving it so far!
September has been my favourite month because  -cough- it's my 'special day' month. LOL.
I think this month will be good if we were to stay as optimistic. ^_^

I attended some events yesterday and here are some of the pictures I took!
Will blog about another event separately next time. I attended this event in a fillers clinic at Raffles Place.
The difference made by fillers is so amazingly big. Amused because they only need about 10 minutes to re-contour our features.

This is Valerie doing cheekbone fillers.
Contemplating if I should go for fillers one day HAHAHA. But damn, my tolerance of pain is.. 3/10? LOL look at that needle. *cringes*

This is her after her cheekbones filler! *_*

A photo with Dr Miranda, Valerie and Rachell!

And also two pretty ladies!! Clara and Rachell :D

I didn't take a lot of photos yesterday. But after that event, Rachell and I went to another event (I'll blog about it next time) at Pico Creative Centre!

A photo of us in the toilet taken from my IG. LOL.

Then I got to town after that briefing!!!
If you head to town on a Saturday, you will see this no-blink contest going on. Apparently, you need to stare at your friend and try not to blink for the longest time possible. The record was 5 minutes 17 seconds or something and my friends broke the record.........
They didn't blink for 33mins10secs wtf. #GodMode

Hope you enjoyed your first September too :D
Blog will be updated very soon. My exam will be ending soon so I'll have to time to update my blog more often HAHA...I hope!

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  1. OMG! That needle is scary! I've seen all kinds of needles, and it always freaks me out. The outcome was lovely. She looks beautiful. Love your outfit and Rachel too! =)