Happy Birthday Rachell!

A few days back, Huixian, Jayne and I prepared a mini surprise for Rachell!

Before that, I rushed over to Sentosa so I can get a present for Rachell at Victoria's Secret!

I used pop art effect to snap some photos at Candylicious!

The candies on the trees look sooooo yummy!

After that, I met up with Huixian and Jayne to prepare for the mini surprise.
Rachell didn't know I'm going to meet them hohoho.

We bought a cake and waited around Jpot in Vivo.
I was lucky that Jpot is located at the corner of vivo so I managed to find a spot outside to hide before Rachell comes!

So I stood at the wulu carpark area for 15mins lol.
Cake's behind me!

Then, I saw Rachell walking over to Jpot with her boyfriend!
 I took the cake out, put on the unlighted candles and walked into the Jpot.

TAADANG and I managed to surprise Rachell since she didn't know I'm going.


Thank you Huixian and Jayne!:D

Dinner that night..

I like the superior broth or something soup base!! It's soooo good!

Rachell's chocolate cake from awfully chocolate!!


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  1. OMG the candy are soooo yummy!!! *^* I want to see that!!!