Fion's Birthday

It was a busy day!
I met up with Danial and headed to CCK ITE to look for Kalebh :D

Me and my frizzy hair once again. I didn't know soft rebonding will only last me for a while! :(
Now it's so bad I want to redo my hair!!!

I had a bad face/bad makeup day. No matter how much I force my eyes open, they still turn out pretty small. That's the most I can go lol.

This Danial, looking like Edward Cullen HAHAHA.

And Kalebh!!! :D

Then, Dan and I went to town! Thanks bud, for accompanying me, else I'll be stranded in town!

I went to look for Vanessa and co when they are decorating a cake for Fion!

After that, we got to a Japanese restaurant at Cine's 4th floor (don't want to name it) for dinner.
Personally, I don't really like their food and services. Furthermore, I think they are overcharging.
Gave it a second chance, doubt I'm going for the third.
Just my opinion though.

 With the girls! Awesome classmates - Honestly, I never actually make much friends in my previous classes (secondary/primary sch). I don't blend well with much girls. They disliked me and all, which is why you never see me hang around with many girls from any of my schools.

I had a bad school life.
But heck it!

Oh hey, it's been a while! ;)

 Happy 18th birthday Fion! :)

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  1. Danial has got the whole 'cute girl pose' going on there. Hahaha.