Just a REALLY short post.
I snap a few photos because I went out today, but I didn't remember to take photos of myself lol.
But if you really miss my face .....

HAHAHA a photo I took while shooting for new advert.

I went to do my nails today! Will do a post regarding that really soon :)

My nail sponsor is located around Chinese Garden! Opposite the MRT!

Anyway, I went shopping with my parents after that.
SUPER MAJOR HAPPY even though I didn't really shop a lot.

Dinner!! Salmon + Chicken Bento set with Chawanmushi.

Pork and Scallop Yakisoba!

Yummmmm. I'm very very very hungry now :(

To think of it, there's school tomorrow. PFFT WHY OH WHY!
Promise I'll blog something up really soon. Till then, take care! x

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