Revamp your old iPhone case!

DIY post :D :D I love DIY posts too! Especially those really easy ones!

Cut the long story short, here's what I did to my phone case.

I have plenty of phone cases that I no longer use. So I thought...why not just do some painting and decorating so I don't have to dump them away!
I chose my old rilakkuma case for this tutorial! (Not exactly a tutorial but... meh, I know you get me lol.)

I used nail polishes for painting! Normal acrylic paints might be ruined in the rain, PLUS nail polishes give off a glossy finish.

It will be harder to work with because of the small brush tip but I still managed to paint two coats in 10mins so I doubt that will be a problem!
The nail polish is too sheer so I used an opaque nude polish to paint another coat over.

Keep coating until you get what you want!
You don't need it to be perfect.

I mean, the less perfect it is, the more it looks like it's handmade...? x)

Because of the tribal trend recently, I thought I should do some big tribal designs on my case!
I wanted to do ombre but this looks cooler to me lol.
You can easily achieve an ombre look by use a sponge and any nail polish colour you like!
Dip the sponge into the polish, and start sponging away!

I didn't use anything to draw the patterns, other than the given brush tips.
You can prepare a toothpick to do some touch up after you complete your design!

Keep doing any funky designs that you can think of.
Or you can google some tribal patterns so you have an idea how your case will look like.

Not very nice lol, and pretty messy but I guess it's still...acceptable!

I'm going to get a few dust caps! I think feather dust caps will match this design.
I'll try to do my own feather dust cap if possible!! :D :D


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  1. Now that you've an iphone4, I bet you're seriously hoping to get an incident. In the event you haven't, browsing think you need to seriously start thinking of it should you don't want that beautiful section of technological wonder damaged.

  2. Acrylic paint is water proof when it is dried, so it won't be ruined in the rain. :P