Elmo and Piglet for sale!

Little elmo, big elmo and piglet are looking for a home!

Adopt them please? :D

My friend is selling these lovelies away because she's moving house soon!
They are her favourite toys so she's looking for a nice owner to keep them :)

Super big elmo for $45! (Price got cut down by half!)
 It's crazy big so it's super worth it at such a price.
There's a tiny hole at big elmo's leg but it is still almost brand new.
She's giving a sparkly christmas hat to compensate that tiny hole :)

Little elmo (huggable size) for $10 wtf O_O
Very good condition + very clean!

Piglet with hoodie for $18 !!!
This is brand new, she bought it on impulse.
The picture on piglet's hoodie will change :D :D :D

I hope you'll purchase her lovely toys from her and cherish them like your little babies ♥

Please contact her at ceeferandme@hotmail.com if you're interested!
Love you all!

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