Quick Howto: Smooth feet overnight.

Heels, wedges, boots.... shoes!
Super irresistible but our skin will get super rough and ugly in the long run! :(

So here's how I keep my feet smooth and soft even though I wear heels/wedges almost everyday! Quick and easy!

I choose perfume lotion!
Carried Away from Bath and Body Works is the one that I will usually use.

You can leave it like this overnight, or you can choose to leave it on for a while and take it off!

I'll usually have it on for about a few hours while I snuggle on my bed and read some magazines in the aircon room! I'll take it off before I sleep - I LOVE that feeling!

I thought this is very good for people who sleep in air conditioned room because air conditioner causes dry skin and this will definitely help moisturize your feet overnight.
Also, your feet is further away from your heart. Therefore, they will be colder as blood takes a longer time to reach there.
Socks will definitely do the job in keeping them warm and snuggly! :D

This is what I do to keep my feet soft and smooth!
Just thought I should share this really useful tip with you guys.
Try it out soon~ ♥

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