I ditched my lens for a day.

This is how much I don't feel like showing my face lol.
Just kidding. I wanted to snap a photo of my fishtail braid that a friend did for me but I failed to take a good shot.

Actually, I've been thinking for quite some time now - Should I ditch my lens?

The answer is......





Actually, yes, if I haven't seen myself with cosmetic lens on.
I mean, honestly, if you can look better with something, why do you want to ditch it?

But anyway, this makeup is inspired by ulzzangs (Pretty korean girls!). So here's my take on the ulzzang look, without lens because ulzzangs look really natural!
Super natural makeup look so I didn't put any eyelid tape as well.
I have natural tapered eyelids. Again, the reason why I usually put eyelid tape is because I want parallel eyelids, and they make me look better.

Anyway, I checked on some more ulzzang photos and I realized most of them actually have cosmetics lens on. Like those 14mm ones.
But nevermind, here's my take on this look.

I have to admit this. I really like my nose in this photo lol. I didn't photoshop it!!!
Contouring makes a huge difference :D
But also, I have to admit I have a bad smile here. Awkward smile. Not used to camwhoring without lens. Confidence level = 0% :(

I had super super thin eyeliner on, and two coats of mascara!
I think mascara is pretty important for this look because they help to open up your eyes and make you look more awake!

What I used:

Melliesh bronzer.
Kate eyebrow kit (to contour my nose)
Sana super quick liquid eyeliner
Hello kitty volume express maybelline mascara
Mac studio finish powder
Mac concealer
Sana eyebrow pencil

So that's all for this post.

I thought I look okay. But some people think I look really bad :( So hurting.
I'm born with this face. If you don't like it, please keep your mouth closed because I don't like to hear things that will affect what I think about myself.
I think I'm awesome the way I am, so, middle finger for you.

Nevertheless, I LOVE ALL OF YOU who are loving me for who I am :)

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  1. You look so much better and more natural without!

  2. you look 1000000000% beautiful in here speishi !!! i really really love it !! so natural !! love it omg !! jealous hahaha

  3. I really think you're prettier this way, without the circle lenses.

  4. OH WOW.. can i say something? what im abt to say is SERIOUSLY the TRUTH.. at 1st when i saw ur pics i was like "ok, another pretty girl nia." but when i saw the pics u posted above, i went "WOW" and was totally mesmerized..

    honestly, u have the most beautiful eyes ever..pardon me for saying this but.. i cant stop looking at ur eyes.. haha.. :P i usually dont complement ppls eyes, but urs is WOW..

    too bad u cant see my replies to you on twitter, wish i could noe u better ;p

    take care! :)

  5. you look really pretty c:

  6. You are gorgeous!!! And the natural makeup looks really nice!! :) I think its nice to wear light makeup once in awhile.

    Your eyes still look big even without lens! :)

  7. You look really pretty without lenses!!!!

  8. Speishi you look so great without cirle lenses and natural make up! You were born cute lol ^^

  9. Way more beautiful. :)

  10. Actually you're pretty without those bigbig lenses that stretches your eyes! Natural is always real beauty. Do have have confidence in yourself even without lenses or better without make up ;D YOURE BEAUTIFUL. Remember that.

  11. you look so beautiful!! serious. without the lenses it makes you look more natural if you get what i mean whee you should do this more often =D

  12. Personally I think you look better without the cosmetic lenses, looks like a different person, but in a good way. You are born naturally beautiful! Those people who says that you don't look good are just jealous of you. Have more confidences in your make-up free look! :))

  13. you look better without those circle lenses. much more natural and sweeter. you're already pretty! don't try so hard!

  14. You look pretty without lens on. And yes true ulzzangs rely alot on their lens and there is nothing wrong with lens. But natural beauty will always be the best, instead of considering ditching your lens, what about trying really natural 12.8mm lens dark brown or black that is available at optical stores just for the purpose of darkening the color of your pupil so your eyes would look attractive.

  15. You're really pretty honestly . :)


  17. You look really beautiful, jinjja yepuda :))

  18. With or without makeup, you are still beautiful :)

  19. This is how you truly look, then just be yourself and be proud of it. Don't depend on your big comestic lenses all the time because, really - although its nothing wrong to want to be pretty, but why until the extend where you're almosttttt ashamed or shy of your bare face? You look more real like this, you look beautiful. Haters just don't want to admit, they'll bite whatever chance they have to put you down. Never be afraid to show who you are. Besides, you want people to like you for who you are, not because of your pretty make up and contacts, right? Honestly though, you look the best like this. Everyone loves natural best. (:

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